how to run a native daemon process ???

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how to run a native daemon process ???

Postby oceanfloor » Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:26 am

Hello, everyone :)

i' wanna execute/kill my daemon process using some functions such as property_set("ctl.start, <daemon name>");
or property_set("ctl.stop", <daemon_name>);.
so i added "service statement" to "/init.rc" as following.
(refer to

cf) my daemon name is "echod" that has a brief echo system.
and i use ADP1

service echod /system/bin/echod

after all boot processes,
i run as following

$ adb shell
# start echod # same as property_set("ctl.start", "echod");

Consequently, "echod" is running.
i confirmed with ps command.

it is a wonder that the state of "echod" was "stopped"
when i run "getprop" command in the android shell.

$ adb shell getprop | grep echod
[init.svc.echod]: [stopped]

i expected its state is "runnning" but....:(

also it is not working to run property_set("ctl.stop", "echod");
still it has "stopped" state and is running

help me...
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