How to restore lost video clips from Android without backup?

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How to restore lost video clips from Android without backup?

Postby abcmac83 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:40 am

Video loss Causes:

Compared with video cameras, smartphone is more convenient for taking videos anytime on the go. Due to the multiple functions of Android Phone, more and more people would like to use it as a media player or a camcorder rather than a mere communication tool. Your smartphone must have a plenty of video clips downloaded from Internet, captured by your phone, transferred from computer or cameras, etc. Have you ever been panic of losing these videos in the following situations:

Erased videos from SD card by accident.
SD card got corrupted.
Videos are missing in transferring.
Have a phone reset.

Or the videos disappeared from your Android Phone SD card by other reasons that you do not even know it. Seldom do we backup videos on mobile phones so that many people may feel panic when the videos are gone of a sudden.

Is there any way to restore my deleted videos from SD card?

This question is concerned by almost all the people who have lost videos on their smartphones. Some people may even go to the mobile phone tech support to get back the lost videos. But I don't think this is a good solution and I am sure many of you feel the same way, for taking the mobile phone to a maintenance point is really inconvenient. Besides, you have to pay a lot if the files can be recovered.

Several days ago, I happened to come across this situation. My mobile phone is HTC Sensation running Android Version 2.3.4. When I was looking at my videos from my smartphone, I erased one of them by accident. At that moment, I felt really dumb because its a video from my loved one who is in the army. Through the Internet, I found Android Data Recovery and I had a try on it.

To my surprise, the program can not only find out the video of my loved one but also can scan out the videos that I deleted by other improper operations. So I selected the videos that I want to recover. And now I'd be happy to tell you that I have got back all the lost videos from my SD card. Very reasonably priced for what it does! Good product!


If you have lost precious videos from your smartphone, just try Android Data Recovery for free. I am sure that you can get out of the jams instantly with its help. Good luck to you!
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Re: How to restore lost video clips from Android without bac

Postby Clamoon » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:43 am

I was using Samsung Galaxy smartphone to look at photos for my kid when he was at baby celebration. Before I used to be planning to load these cherished pictures to my PC, I believed out that picture folder was disappeared, I can not hear my photos everywhere! When I unplug USB of samsung galaxy from computer, there have been not pictures on my smartphone either.

I have never met such a trouble. I'd like to learn if there is some software or services which will help me restore samsung galaxy , since these photos are essential personally, they are memories of my kid during our childhood. I have the Samsung Galaxy S2.


Tutorial to restore photos for Samsung galaxy
To mend the problem stated previously, we must are aware that the disappeared pictures cant be found gone away actually, to ensure we now have a chance to undelete pictures from BlackBerry. However, one thing you must notice that, if you locate out your pictures are lost from the mobile phone, you'd better not do any operations on this phone to defend data from overwriting by new files, if if so, we probably not restore samsung galaxy s2 any longer.

Next step, we must take the 3rd party application to extract data for samsung galaxy successfully. After testing several data recovery program for smartphone, I take Tenorshare Data Recovery program as my recovery tool, the reason is simple enough, their two useful and effective buttons permit me to complete retrieve task. One is "Preview" button, that is for preview the scanned photos that deleted around the mobile phone as well as on my pc; another button is "Recovery", which enable to retrieve data at a time effortlessly. Below is step-by-step show how to restore samsung galaxy s2

Step 1. Download and launch Tenorshare Data Recovery.
Step 2. Plug-in Samsung Galaxy to computer, and then choose the correct partition to scan lost data.
Step 3. After several minutes, you will see a directory of scanned data displayed about the interface, then hit "Preview" button to determine what they're, if your photos are scanned successfully by program.
Step 4 . Select one or multiple photos that you want to restore, then click "Recovery" button for getting rid of it.

Besides, the method above also can restore samsung galaxy note .

Resource: ... alaxy.html

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