How to make a promotion?

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How to make a promotion?

Postby Davide » Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:38 pm

Is it possible to release for free, for a certain time, an application and when the time is expired sell the app with its original price again?
I read that a similar things can be done by unpublish and republish with the new prices (free and not free).
But in this way have I to change the package name? Will the user get the app's updates?
Or worse, if the user uninstall the app, after the app it's been republished with a cost again he will have to re buy
the app again?
Another question is:
I saw a site that has made a contest, and that site gives away, as a prize, copies of a paid application,
how can it be done?

Bye and excuse me for the bad english...
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