How can my app appear in LATEST APPS?

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How can my app appear in LATEST APPS?

Postby umair » Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:17 am

I have a small but important query.

I've submitted my app of market. Now what I want is that whenever i send an update of the app, my app should come to top in the "date" column (sorting by date in descending order).

I've checked google groups and they say that they've disabled this feature of bringing app to top on it's republished. But at the same time, the apps on top are those which are under 50,000-250,000 downloads category and have version greater than 1.0. So those are definitely not the Fresh Apps. How come they get to the top of the list?

What's the trick to do this? I want my app in top 10 latest apps.

Any idea???
Plusminus, could you kindly help???

Regards and Thanks, :)
Muhammad Umair
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