How Android Market sort the apps?

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How Android Market sort the apps?

Postby sblantipodi » Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:47 pm

Hi all...

Is there someone who can help me understanding how android market sort the apps?

One of my financial apps has 4.5stars, it has more download than other apps but it isn't displayed in the financial section of the market.

How the market sort the apps?

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Re: How Android Market sort the apps?

Postby TylerBetable » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:15 am

Hey sblantipodi

I worked at Lookout Mobile Security ( for a while in their marketing department and we found that the following steps helped Android Market ranking a LOT.
1) Find out what key words Android Market users search for. Often times, they are the key words that people search for to find your app, which you can track with Google Analytics. Alternatively, you can make educated guesses based on key phrases appearing in top-ranked apps in your category.
2) Add those keywords to your description as many times as possible, preferably in the title and many times in the description. This is a seriously effective hack that's super easy to do.
3) Take steps to improve your click-to-download rate with good marketing copy in the app description, while fitting in those keywords.
4) Take steps to improve your retention rate (number of people that keep your app for 30 days vs. delete it). An easy way to do this is to simply manage expectations with your description and not over-promise or cater to the wrong audience.

Hope this helps!
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