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Hiding apps

Postby anarche » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:04 am

We recently received the following thread on the misc. coding questions, one that I am sure I have read elsewhere in these forums:

other-coding-problems-f5/hide-application-icon-t14509.html. (hide the app) or

While the sarcasm of the first answer is not relevant, what is is the (current) last post is.

It made me start thinking that sometime down the track, malware will be coming to mobiles, including android. Malware that presumably wants to hide itself from the user. At some point presumably the devs of malware will be looking for help with their own problems - such as how to hide the app.

So for this reason, I will not be replying to any such requests.

Does anybody have any other thoughts as to whether we can in some way determine which (if any) requests - past and present - are from devs of dubious intent? (pun intended) Or any other thoughts on the topic?
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