Help please, is there a app to convert my ebooks into apps?

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Help please, is there a app to convert my ebooks into apps?

Postby justwondering » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:09 pm

Help please,i'm wanting to upload some ebook type apps to android marketplace

I'm thinking about making some ebook type products for android market how do i go about doing this please.

i do understand the ebook would need to download like a app and be seen in the programs section , but is there a good android app/tool that would allow me to make the ebooks and then for me to post them on the android market place?

i'm not a coder , but i'm hoping there is a ready made program out there to convert my work, i would prefere to have this option .

i would also consider the option of been able to do this for the Apples itune app store and amazon ebook store , or does anyone know of a good site that offers the option to upload to all three and you pay them a fee ?
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Re: Help please, is there a app to convert my ebooks into ap

Postby Pavonis » Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:59 pm

What is your real goal here? Are you trying to get around publishing them via a bookstore like Apple, B&N, Amazon, et al? For you to convert your ebooks to an app, you would basically need to write your own ebook reader with the story embedded which seems a lot more work than benefit. If you're not a coder, the user experience you're likely to develop may detract from the enjoyment of your ebook(s) and affect sales.
What 'ebook type apps' are you attempting? Interactive kids books? Those would be apps, not ebooks.
If you're looking to self-publish ebooks, it's better to just sell them on your website (and let consumers use whatever ereader they prefer), and/or put them up on one or several of the bookstores I listed above.
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