He tells her she has to apologize

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He tells her she has to apologize

Postby Ever47 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:10 pm

He tells her she has to apologize

The starts out on a creepy note, Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 with "A" sending Emily (Shay Mitchell) a necklace made of human teeth. The Liars ditch cl to freak out about it, but then flush it down the toilet. But that's not the end of "A"'s mischief. Later, an earring shows up in Aria's (Lucy Hale) locker — a momento of the time she and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) trashed her dad's office in an attempt to get him to end it with Meredith (they'd found the earrings and umed they were proof Meredith and Byron [Chad Lowe] were still sleeping together). Strike Back Season 3 Episode 7 The catch? She'sd buried that earring in Ali's grave. Not. Good.Speaking of Meredith, she's back and app for a job at Rosewood High, much to Aria's chagrin. Worse, "A" texts Aria and tells her she has to come clean to her dad about being the one to trash his office back in the day, or "A" will send the other earring to the cops, which will frame Aria for digging up the body. She does, and Byron (Chad Lowe) is not happy to hear it. He tells her she has to apologize to Meredith, which she does, and it is as awkward as you'd think. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Turns out Byron and Meredith are getting lunch now. Also, the earring wasn't actually Merediths. Oops.

Hanna is continuing to go back to Mona,Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 who shows slight signs of awareness but doesn't respond, even when Hanna breaks down and throws a chair at her. Hanna gets some unexpected comfort in the form of Wren, who reveals that his father was also in an insane asylum, and explains she's suffering from "ambiguous loss." Hanna visits Mona a second time, and this time Mona says something: "You're getting them again, aren't you? The texts." And then visiting hours end, Hanna is forced to leave, Transformers: Prime Season 2 Episode 20 and we see Mona has managed to grab Hanna's tweezers, which she uses to stab her own finger. Um?All this time spent visiting Radley puts a wrench in the Haleb relationship, until Hanna to admits to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) that she wants to see Mona. Caleb isn't a fan of the idea, but he agrees to drive her to Radley because he is the greatest. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Only then he runs into Wren and figures out Hanna has been going to Radley a lot and talking to Wren, and he is less than happy about it.

Meanwhile, Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is still seeking answers. She goes to Garrett (Yani Gellman), who tells her he's innocent and something in Ali's grave would have proved it; then mama Hastings finds out about these little meetings and forbids Spence from going back. Spence doesn't listen, and returns to jail, only to find out her mom is Garrett's lawyer now, and she's made Garrett promise not to talk. Whaaa?Spence also learns more info through Toby (Keegan Allen), who proves he is an awesome boyfriend by giving her back rubs and kisses and by breaking My Babysitter's a Vampire Season 2 Episode 10 into Jenna's (Tammin Sursok) room and discovering that Jenna is still using eye drops that were prescribed during her surgery, which sets off alarm bells for Spence. At the end of the the girls set a trap for Jenna and get proof that she can see. Wow. Game. Changer. Finally, poor Em has a bunch of makeup tests to do. Fortunately, Aria has a clever idea: Ezra (Ian Harding) should tutor her! They bond, and he's actually very helpful. It's cute. However, near the end of Emily's English test a random moments triggers memories of "that night," so she doesn't really finish. On the other hand, she remembers that Jenna Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4was the one driving the car! OMG! (Also, the not finishing is fine, because Aria's mom finishes the test for her. Aww?)
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