Google Maps conference summary: Accurate, Easy to use, The 3

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Google Maps conference summary: Accurate, Easy to use, The 3

Postby jameslee895 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:55 am

There is no doubt that Google Maps is a great product. And it is about to encounter the positive competition from another great company , how will Google will deal with it? We hold such doubt to view this Google Maps conference.

Brian McClendon told growth process of Google Maps and related products through a series of comparative data:

In 2006, Google's high resolution satellite map only cover 37% of the global region; By 2012, 75% of the people around the world can find hd satellite photographs of their family through Google.

Google Street at the beginning of the online in 2007 only had darta of five cities, collecting through special camera with 5 million pixels; By 2012 Google street provide photos of 39 countries, 3000 cities, taken by 35 million pixels panoramic camera.

To date, Google has accumulated 5 million miles of mileage street photography, image data more than 20 PB (1 PB = 1024 TB).

Of course, Google did not stop here. To ask is what the most expensive this age? The data, data, data. In order to provide more stable and clear images service, Google determine to build its own map data, this project is called "Ground Truth".

More accurate

Map accuracy has always been a conquer difficulty, and to ensure that the world map is high accuracy, certainly will will spend a lot of human and capital. Google solve the problem through the pictures collected by Google street automatic identify geographical location information (the shop name, license plates) to correct the mistakes of the map.

In the conference, Google also announced it will take Google Maps Maker into South Africa and Egypt, and in this month will promote this application to Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland 10 developed countries.

Easier to use

Now, Google allow Android users to store the mobile map information in local cell phone browse, and can be amplified to street level. This is a great news for those with no data package mobile phone users.

The 3 D

Through the demo video, 3 D map really bring us a lot of very good imagination. But this currently is only display, Google has not revealed when the 3 D map will on line. And the WWDC in sight, it is the basic confirmed the news that apple will release its own map service. Although Google stepped forward and showed its 3 D map technology, but if apple use the technology of C3 company and decided to launch with iOS 6 together, it will make 3 D map "zero distance contact" with the user.

The map struggle between Google and Apple

Google good at search and apple good at make products, the competition of them in the map market will break out. But don't forget that in this market, still have Microsoft, even nokia. See from the conference, Google did not bring real revolutionary significance new things, but still very practical to continue to optimize the already great products.

Throughout the three characteristics: more rich in-depth Google street, mobile platform of offline function and Google Maps Maker support more countries clearly pointed to the three standards direction of Google Maps. And the 3 D is a new dimension directly to the compete with Apple. It also let ME anticipate how the apple will respond in the nextl days, let us wait and see.

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