Four things Microsoft don't want you to know about Windows 8

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Four things Microsoft don't want you to know about Windows 8

Postby billwilliams563 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:00 am

Windows 8 will be released, but Microsoft temporarily don't want you to know the face of Windows 8, it wants to put the suspense to the last. But there are five thing, also is the Microsoft don't want you to know, but not for a while, but forever.

1. No "cloud", good experience won't come out

Microsoft has been touting their development ability and advantage in data center, but in fact no matter how much good their service is, you must first connect "cloud".The software Microsoft recently developed, many of its services and functions can achieve through the Microsoft's cloud platform, and installation for localization version will after a long time to push out or even no launch, SharePoint and Office 15 is two good example.

2. Only care about ordinary consumers, don't care about enterprise

Take the present Windows RT (ARM version of Windows 8), Microsoft Windows RT is a huge try in SoC operating system, but such a brand new products have been disappointed, it even have no basic management function of enterprises in current 32-bit desktop system, but Microsoft still want to sell it to enterprise users.

For individual users, such as security, compatibility, etc may be not very important, but for enterprise users will be different, what they want is a tablet computer compatible with existing desktop system, not only provide online cloud service products.

3. Windows is a system, not a department

Microsoft was going to use Exhibit C instead of Visual Studio Express, but the decision was later cancelled. You should know, almost all the Windows application is free developed through Visual Studio Express, if use Exhibit C to replace Visual Studio Express, then developers need to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to develop those application based on .NET and Windows Form, which obviously would make Microsoft destitute.

Although Visual Studio Express not be cancelled, but it now is added some restrictions, namely can only develop Metro style applications to Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 7.5, this no doubt still can let Microsoft recruit scold.

4. Windows 7 is the kingly way

Windows XP imminent mortality, because Microsoft will soon stop security upgrade and support of XP. So now many enterprise still using a Windows XP are plan to upgrade to Windows 7, and after upgrade they don't need to upgrade again at least the next three to four years.

But Microsoft are in promoting Windows 8, and also charge from Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 8, the more disgusting is Microsoft even sold the "neutered" version of Windows RT to enterprise users.

So if you're a business user, please remember, Windows 7 has good enough, no need to upgrade to Windows 8, this not only will save you a huge upgrade cost, and it can give you free unnecessary staff training.

The ship Microsoft is too big, too hard to make a turn. Every sector of Microsoft need to cooperate fully, let themself restore the innovation vigor, not blindly chasing behind others.

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Re: Four things Microsoft don't want you to know about Windo

Postby myfknoll » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:31 pm

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