Expand your App to China market with profesional partner!

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Expand your App to China market with profesional partner!

Postby lynan » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:12 am

Expand your App to China market and cover Hongkong,Taiwan And Chinese culture region.

Dear All, this is Lee from Joygor.com, which is a professional network & wireless value-added service provider and the comprehensive software developer, which is dedicated to the development, application and operation of network & wireless value-added services, especially digital music contents and mobile phone client-end software, as well as the development, integration and service of relevant operating platforms.

Since 1998, we started to bring the best mobile app to millions Chinese moible users and also help quality Chinese app penetrate into other markets. Due the years of experience in Chinese mobile Internet, we have strong cooperation with the three Chinese telecom carriers and most famouse media. With our help, we can help your to push your app to millions Chinese users in a short time. Furthermore, we also built our own android app store, which have more than 500k registered users in China.

As you know, China has many mobile handset manufucturers. In the past years, we have build a solid relationship with those manufuctures. We offer build-in service to install your app in the android mobile phone. You can got up to millions installation in One month!

BTW, our business cover both android and iOS apps. So, if you want to know expand your app to China and cooperate with us, please contact me for further discussion. My email address is yan201011@hotmail.com.

Best Regards,
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