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ePetition Open Android Market

Postby 3c5x9 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:05 pm

This is a ePetition to Google. The Signers demanding:

1. set the Market available in all Country's, at least for the free Apps

2. implement a real working Copyprotection and make the Market available even on Developer and rooted Phones

3. remove the Limitation of Google Checkout to Creditcards or allow us to use PayPal or other well known Payment options to purchase nonfree Apps

To sign this ePetition just install this App via the Android Market and leave a comment.

Please help spreading the ePetitionOpenAndroidMarket for a better Android Market for all. Just install the ePetition App via the Android Market and leave a comment.\n To install it, use this URL on your Device market://search?q=pname:de.dreizeh.epetition_oam or search for it in the Android Market with "ePetition Open Android Market".

You can get involved in the improvement of the ePetition. For example, you can translate the App into an additional languages. The necessary files i will send you via email. Participate by spreading the ePetition via Twitter, identi.ca or similar. Or write on your personal Blog. To discuss further actions you can reach me by email.
Use this QR Tag to share the ePetition between two Devices directly by scanning the Tag on the Targetphone.
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