Eclipse Performance Issues

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Eclipse Performance Issues

Postby szahn » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:21 am

I'm using Eclipse to develop for the Android, and I'm really annoyed at how difficult debugging is compared to Windows Mobile and IPhone. I've listed some problems and I was hoping some developers have better ways to develop using Eclipse that I don't know about.

1. Can I debug when the emulator is already open? Biggest problem I have is that the emulator takes forever to start up and then I have to press "home" to unlock it before I can even start the app. So, can I just start the emulator once, keep it up and running and then keep debugging a new instance of the app whenever I want to?

2. Sometimes, when I hit debug, and the emulator launches, my app doesn't start at all after I unlock the emulator. It says it times out, or no error at all.

3. Is it possible to debug straight to your phone without having to first drag and drop the binary to the sd card and then perform a reinstall.

4. I have the latest Macbook and Eclipse takes about 3-4 seconds to switch tabs from one piece of code to another, why is it so slow?
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Re: Eclipse Performance Issues

Postby blundell » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:27 am

Yes once you have started up the emulator, don't close it - just redeploy.

I've noticed sometime's my emulator hit's a hidden breakpoint in another app or something so just ensure you press play (F8 i think) to make sure this isn't happening.

Why are you dragging an dropping binarys? :s Just plug your phone in, enable dev mode in the settings and run the app through eclipse choosing your phone instead of the emulator. (Ensure debuggable=true i nthe manifest)

Are you talking about tabs involving XML? If you don't use your outline view close it, add more memory to your eclipse. I found htis issue as eclipse sucks at parsing XML and everytime it opens it attempts to parse atleast once.
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Re: Eclipse Performance Issues

Postby doll » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:05 am

Address platform-specific UI performance problems. There is a noticable UI
performance and responsiveness difference between Eclipse running on Windows
and Eclipse running on Linux GTK, Linux Motif, or QNX Photon, all on the same
hardware, with Windows clearly outperforming the others. Improvements made to
SWT alone have not reduced this "performance gap" enough. In order to improve
Eclipse performance in the other operating environments
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