[Q] Droid X Calendar Glitch - Exhaustive Troubleshooting

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[Q] Droid X Calendar Glitch - Exhaustive Troubleshooting

Postby innerspaceboy » Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:16 am

I'm hoping someone can help with the following error I'm encountering on my Droid X and similar Android devices:

Changes made to the date & time of existing events change back after 30 seconds (after Google sync)

When I attempt to modify the date or time of an existing event on Google calendar from my Droid X, the change lasts for approximately 30 seconds until Google Sync updates the calendar, after which the event immediately switches back to it's original date and time. I don't believe the problem occurs with new events, only the modification of existing calendar items.

Note: This only happens when modifying calendar items on my Droid X and other Droid X units configured with my Google account. Events changed from Google Calendar on my desktop PC remain changed.

I've taken a number of troubleshooting steps to determine that it is not the unit, itself, nor is it the version of my phone's software.

I began by visiting my local Verizon store where the staff confirmed that there were no reported issues with Google Calendar listed on Google at the current time.

I then exported my Google Calendar to a .ICS file, then completely deleted my account's calendar on both my phone and from Google Calendar on a notebook PC at the Verizon store. I erased all calendar cache data from the phone. I then restored the calendar .ICS file to the unit and synced it with Google to restore my events. The problem remained.

Next the associate at the store configured a Droid X demo model from their sales floor to sync with my Google account. The same issue happened with events on the demo unit. This unit uses the latest software release for the Droid X, while mine is using the previous software release. This ruled out software as the problem. It also confirms that it is not my specific unit causing the issue.

At this point the associate concluded that there must be an issue with the Google account, or Google Calendar itself. I'm reaching out to you all hoping that someone can resolve my problem.

Many users have reported this issue on various Droid X forums. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thank you in advance!

Device: Droid X
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Country / Language: USA/English
Android Version: 2.2.1
System Version: 2.3.340.MB810
Also using Google Calendar Sync Beta on my desktop PC,
but the problem remains whether or not it is enabled.
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