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Download for Free Trial - PDFMate PDF Converter Professional

Postby Rita » Mon May 20, 2013 10:45 am

PDFMate PDF Converter ProfessionalVersion 1.62 was released on April 15th. It is a shareware which focuses on converting PDF to other formats.

The top-level tabs include Add PDF and Advanced Settings. Click on the Advanced Settings to reveal more flexible options for conversion. The main part of interface briefly introduces the simple three steps to conduct conversion. Large icons along the output format bar make it easy to identify functions. The program is straightforward, even for new users.


One of PDF’s mixed blessings as a format has always been its uneditability. While immutability means that the file always looks the same regardless of viewing platform or system configuration, it’s always been frustrating that you couldn’t make basic changes to a document. But now you can. With PDFMate PDF Converter Professional, you can easily convert PDF to editable files without purchasing much more expensive programs.

As for the guts of the program,PDFMate PDF Converter Professional offers all of the functionality you would expect from a PDF Converter. It works in just a few clicks, and allows users to convert batches of PDFs to plain Word 2003 and 2007(*.docx and *.doc) and Text files, formatted Epub eBooks and other popular formats like Images, Html and SWF.


The encryption tool is convenient, as it makes it incredibly easy to set passwords and permissions to PDF files to restrict who can view, edit, and copy the PDFs. To use it, just move to the Advanced Settings, and input your open password or Permission Password.


It is worth noting that PDFMate PDF Converter Professional can also change the layout of PDF files. For anyone who prints and works with PDF files often, this one-click function is a godsend. To arrange 2 or 4 pages in 1 page saves lots of paper and time. Moreover, PDFMate PDF Converter Professional provides options to change the page size to A3, A4 and A5 for printing according to needs. The flexibility that PDFMate offers in rearranging PDF is unequaled and undoubtedly one of reasons why it is so loved.

One thing distinguishes PDFMate PDF Converter Professional from the Free version is that the Professional version can specify a certain page or page range to convert. That means users will be able to convert the selected part of file instead of the whole.

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional would add more functions in future versions. Maybe in the future, we can see a PDF Converter featuring PDF editing. Unlike other programs, PDFMate PDF Converter Professional provides free update after purchasing. It would be a life-long program.

Overall, PDFMate PDF Converter Professional provides everything you need from a PDF Converter. It does not have as many features as other all-in-1 PDF tools such as Adobe Acrobat, but this shareware brings you the best experience with the functions it has provides.

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