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Download Epic Movie 2013

Postby CLAUDEJOSLIN » Wed May 22, 2013 12:46 pm

Download Epic Movie : The new animated feature Epic doesn’t seem to be high on a lot of lists of anticipated summer movies, but it is sure to draw in the kids. While Fox’s Blue Sky Studios may only be the third most significant company making animated features in the U.S., that’s still very lucrative business (mostly for the Ice Age series). And director Chris Wedge, a founding member of Blue Sky who hasn’t taken the helm of a movie since 2005's Robots, is a name you should know in the world of animation.

Download Epic Movie : Even if Wedge wasn’t such a big wig, though (and even if we didn’t share a birthday, which I take very seriously), I always like devoting a Short Starts post to directors of animated works. More than most kinds of filmmakers, they tend to have begun with short subjects, and these shorts tend to be available to watch online. Both are true of Wedge’s early animated films, two of which are very crude, very short, very early examples of computer animation from the 1980s — Tuber’s Two Step and Balloon Guy — and then a later longer piece that won the Academy Award in 1999, titled Bunny.

Epic Movie Download : Before even Pixar produced its first animated short (though after John Lasseter’s first for Lucasfilm’s The Graphics Group, which would become Pixar), Wedge made this one-minute (excluding credits) computer-generated film depicting a baby’s first steps. A baby what is the question, as this is such an early effort that the characters are mostly comprised of disconnected blobs. The baby, for instance, is just like a white diaper blob surrounded by fleshy extremity blobs. The animator had already been working in the business, having graduated from film school (where he was interested in stop-motion and puppet animation) and gone right into working on TRON, inputing data for that live-action feature’s computer-animated bits as part of a process he considered “tedious.”

Epic Movie Watch : Afterward he met computer animation pioneer Charles Csuri, who encouraged him to join him at Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design and get a master’s degree in computer graphics. This is his graduate thesis project, and according to animation veteran and historian Tom Sito, Tuber’s Two Step “was one of the first CG shorts to employ a full range of squash-and-stretch techniques, the kind of organic plasticity seen only in hand-drawn animated cartoons.” Indeed Wedge has noted that his approach was just to apply the principles of animation to computer graphics as opposed to the other way around.
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