Doubts related to the Android platform ...

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Doubts related to the Android platform ...

Postby tv_sathish » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:12 pm

Hi all,
I have some basic doubts related to the Android platform itself. I think I have experimented this far without understanding the platform itself:

1. Is the platform running within Lonux OS and a separate environment? How are the external JARs and our classes get packaged as APK file? How does the platform refer the JARs inside APK file during runtime? How from the program can we do this, if we need to refer to some JAR or its path? The System property "java.class.path" itself returns "" (empty string)? How then do we use externa JARs that depend on Class path, to be available, for e.g. the JAR I use has some classes that get URL string using "getClass().getResource(<class name>)". Now I am unable to use this JAR or even mimic the main classes(as my own class, as an alternative) in this JAR due to this, if I may say, 'limitation' in Android? Is there a workaround or alternative to this?

2. Another problem is receiving HTTP data. A normal Java project using HttpURLConnection is able to receive any amounts of data, while the connection.getInputStream() is not able to get entire data within Android project. Is there a workaround or alternative to this problem? Is this problem again due to the way the Activity class runs in Android 'environment'?

If there are no alternatives to these problems, I feel these are serious limitations as any developer would try to experiment with ideas like these ?

Thanks and regards,
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