Does anyone know of a video game that helps children learn t

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Does anyone know of a video game that helps children learn t

Postby poorperson1 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:28 am

I can’t really say this will help but go to the teach me store and look around they could help a lot. But the reality is you kid does not need a game to learn in fact most spelling games don’t work the kid learns nothing but how to slack off their work. If you teach them only one way to learn like through games they are handicapped for life I should know I can’t spell at all most of these words were spelled cheeked in word and even then some words are spelled right but are the wrong word. My parents got me everything to help but nothing did. The only way I got to the 9th grade is by spell cheek and by reading. Let me guess the Childs reading level is poor to, and is dyslexic that’s what’s wrong with me. But understand your kid can make it just push them hard don’t tell them what word it is or how to spell it make them look it up and learn by them having to. And don’t get an IEP or individualized learning program all they do is shield them and make them more disabled and when I say disabled I mean not wanting to learn or knowing how to learn and that’s bad. So work with them don’t work for them. Good luck and make them read reading, writing, and spelling go together.
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