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Cover application

Postby zsakul2 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:05 pm

I just had this great idea but just also had it spoiled i totally forgot about copyrights.. but oh well anyways. i was using midomi and i realised the user had the chance to sing into the mic and upload it so it matches to it to find the songs better. What i was thinking of is a application where users can submit covers to songs and sing into their android phones their renditions of songs *This person even though was using android phone it had a very clear nice quality audio so dont put that part down*
I think itd be great have a top weekly 7 covers of songs have a link to the real song in amazon mp3 and a search function.. pretty much the youtube of covers on android but just vocal singing and people can comment rate it.. "Promote it" *Put it upwards in the ranks towards top weekly 7*
Or maybe intergrate that into the rating like 1 - 3 stars isnt a promotion upwards of suggestions into the high weekly 7 and anything 4 and 5 starts puts a peg on it a promotion that puts it higher up. So the more promotes it gets or maybe a peg system itll pop up there and itll hit in the top 7 pegged covers all of them will include a link to the real song put in by the author or by users if the author cant be bothered too.. *Trying to figure out how id do that* Or have it auto find the song and link to it in amazon mp3 by the input field when uploading a cover like "Original Artist" "Song name" and whatever they input it finds it and adds a search function to find it in amazon mp3..
*And youtube*
All this with a nice gui so heres what we got

They open the app to a a nice smooth bright logo then the app finished loading and goes to the main menu theres options. A search bar at the top. Then beautiful square big buttons One To the top left under the bottom left of the search bar That says "Record" I'll get to where that goes later. Then to the right of that a few spaces "Your account" -Depends if the user is signed in or not itll say sign in /register When not logged in. When logged in it says You're account. Directly below that a few space is "Categorized" Then to the left of categorized is Weekly top 7. *Updated every monday morning at 12 am*.. Heres what the main screen will look like

*Top of device screen*

[-------------] [-----------]
[ ] [ Your acc ]
[*record ] [ ]
[ logo* ] [ ]
[-------------] [------------]

[-------------] [------------]
[ Weekly ] [ ]
[ Top ] [ Category ]
[ Seven ] [ ]
[-------------] [------------]

Thats the main menu i wont go into the rest that took like 30 minutes
Heres the most basic breakdown
You go into app signup /login

Your account when accesed gives you options to change your username email address user photo manage your uploads favorites etc.

Record logo when clicked gives you the option to record once recording is done it changes to a screen that allows you too Enter Original artist name, Name of song, Click genre and choose which genre they wish to set it as if not known it can be set to unknown. their name and a description and various other entry fields etc. -Won't go in detail because i myself am still working out the issues of uploading and how its going to work-

Weekly top seven.. When clicked presents a nice list style seperated by short columns when pushes turns a bright orange before going to the page its clicked When in weekly top seven it shows all song genres / unknown and when clicked presents the top 7 covers for that genre for the week *May add an additional top 100 option when menus pressed and can be toggled or something like that* anyways it has all the top seven ones when you click one it takes you to the song and the play option when you click a song i wont explain the menu for when a song is selected since this threads already nearly tooken up an hour or so of my time!!! anyways.. Moving on from weekly top seven..

Category is all the genres you can select a genre and when selected it will display a result of 20 of the latest covers for that genre you can change the view of the 20 by ratings listens or pegs *still deciding on the system as which its promoted to weekly top seven* and recently uploaded etc.. Once clicked the page refreshes and shows the new results once one is clicked it takes you to the song page which like i said i wont explain but just to note it does have "More by this author" anyways thats basically category.

So this is basicly the app in short terms possible... Record... people listen... they rate... you search... you hear people singing covers of songs maybe having instrumentals thats the bare basic.. so what do you think of my app idea..?

WOOT THANKS TO DROID DRAW droiddraw_-_live_gui_designer_no_more_manual_xml-coding-t217.html -ITS kickass :p- seen THERE i can give a VERY brokedown version of what i mean images will replace the text and i assure you itll look much better :p just a basic representation.OH SHIZZER ALSO JUST REALISED I POSTED IN WRONG SECTION :S Sorry!!!!
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