Copyrights / taking stuff from websites?

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Copyrights / taking stuff from websites?

Postby ahottev » Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:52 pm


I'm absolutely new to this, so i was wondering what is legal and what isn't.

Say, for example, i want to make an app that finds grocery stores near your location, retrieve the open hours somehow (probably from google?). I figured this, if not legal, is totally acceptable? There's no harm done here.

But what about taking more private information from the store, ie - retrieve it's goods prices, compare them to other stores and so on?

What about using pictures from the store's website to represent it? (logo, goods, etc)

What about an RSS feed? Can i just take a feed i found on the web and "steal" it's information to put it in my app?

And so on.
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Re: Copyrights / taking stuff from websites?

Postby blundell » Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:58 pm

This is called 'Screen Scraping' it is fround upon and each case is different with the legality.

Your better off looking how they get their RSS feed and seeing if you can do the same they'll be a link somewhere with the license agreement.

With pictures it is almost always illegal to take from someone elses site, unless it declares they are free.

I would just say each website is different and your just best looking for the small print.
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