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Copyright question.

Postby lgmcben » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:40 am


Is it ok if:
1. I took the source code of the built-in applications that come with the phone(like Alarm Clock, Dialler, etc.), extend it and publish as paid application.

Well some of them will remain almost the same "look". The user will know that I copied these apps from the built-in ones. But There will be many more functions added to the final apps, compared to the built-in ones.

the source for built-int application can be found here:


2. I invented and publish(as paid app) some great app wtih great idea.

For example, an alarm clock where user have to ....... to stop the alarm, where ....... is a very unique idea that make my app sell so well.

But found out later that someone already published paid app using the same idea(which maybe on iPhone / JavaME or any other platform including Android itself).

Question: Will I get into any copyright problem?

I believe it's ok(especially in case No.1) but I still want to ask experts to make sure. Better safe than sorry, right?

Please recommend a good place to find more information / learn more about how to avoid getting involved in this copyright/idea stealing stuff.

If possible, please recommend a "checklist of things to do before publishing your paid application". I do realize that Google have this list available in their Android Developer site. But that list said nothing about copyright stuff.

My apology if it's stupid question. I'm quite new here.

Thanks in advance. =)
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