Concerning Ping G20 Driver I Have To Say

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Concerning Ping G20 Driver I Have To Say

Postby sunnytao » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:24 am

"In the 21 st century, what gift is fashionable? Of course, your answer absoltely is the best golf clubs, today is golf’s day and give clubs to your friends and relatives is your first choice. Here, concerning the Ping G20 Driver, I have something to say.

PING’s new G20 driver combines the best qualities from two of their drivers from last season, the K15 and G15. PING has a staunch following that borders on fanaticism yet they always offer clubs that may look ‘plain’ or ‘boring’ but lately their designs are slowly emerging from those shells while still maintaining their core values Ping G20 Hybrid. If you’re interested in long, forgiving, powerful, and straight driver then you may want to read on because these are all qualities that have been taken from two previous drivers and put into one nice and neat package.

The Ping G20 Fairway Wood has a heavier head than G15 (7 grams more than standard) for greater force at impact. Additional backweighting and a more elongated face shore up misses. (Ping ""shaved"" the head in the low toe area to meet the 460cc size limit.) The reconfigured clubhead — 5 percent higher moment of inertia on heel or toe hits — combines with a light, 45.75-inch ""high-balance point"" shaft (TFC 169D or TFC 169D Tour) to boost clubhead speed and, thus, distance. Specifically, the TFC 169D shaft has more flexible tip and butt sections for softer feel.

Every golfer has his or her own ideas about how to choose golf eqquipments, what is this club really like? Just have try, and buy it at discount golf clubs.
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