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Collection opinions for an article about Android

Postby alexbottoni » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:59 pm

Hi Androids,
I'm an italian technical journalist and I'm writing an article
about this platform for an italian paper-based magazine devoted
to Linux.

I would be happy to collect a few opinions about Google Android
from the people who actually use it and from the people who write
code for it.

In particular, I would be happy to hear your comments about the
following issues.

1) What do you love of Android? What do you hate of it?

2) How do you compare it with others similar Linux-based
platforms, like Mobilinux, OpenMoko, LiMo, Qtopia, etc.
What's better? What's worse?

3) How do you compare Android with non-Linux platforms,
like Symbian, iPhone and Windows Mobile?

4) How do you feel at programming it? Is it friendly?
Is it hard? Is it powerfull? Is it limited?

Of course, I will be happy to hear your spontaneous
comments, as well.

I will NOT publish your name or any other personal information
in my article. I will just cite your words.

You can contact me privately, as well. Just use the
"send a private message" function of the web forum.

Thanks you all for your attention

Alessandro Bottoni
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