Clip Video to Shorter and Smaller Segments and Convert Video

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Clip Video to Shorter and Smaller Segments and Convert Video

Postby maykv6 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:07 am

You might have downloaded some remarkable movies, or recorded many family videos during big days; these videos clips reflect your lifetime footprints and best memories, so it would be perfect if you embed these nice videos on your own webpage or social communities. In order to make your videos can be smoothly viewed online in web browser, so you may need to convert video to FLV or SWF flash video. Let's have a check of the below tutorial, and see how easy the procedure is:

Preparation work: download and install video to flash converter.
Step1: click Add video tab to load videos which you aim to convert
You are allowed to load bunches of videos for conversion as the batching conversion has been made easy hereof.
Video of any format can be simply converted to flash videos, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, RMVB, MPEG, VOB etc, so that the MP4 to FLV conversion and so forth is very simply to handle.
Step2: Edit and personalize your videos
This step is optional, if your videos are perfect meeting your requirements, you can overlook this step and navigate to the next step.
Clip video: If some parts of your video are not satisfactory and the video is too longer with some needless parts, hereof, you can take the clip function to clip down those unsatisfactory segments, or split a long video into several parts.

Edit video: Click Edit button, the video to flash converter can enable you to crop the screen size of added videos, and watermark these videos with your company slogan, brand logo and so forth as copyright.

Merge video: you can choose two or more video clips, and simply click Merge button, these videos can be combined into one video swiftly.

Step3: Choose output format
SWF or FLV format can be easily selected after you clicked Formats button. By the way, you are allowed to set the audio and video parameters for output flash videos.
Step4: Click Start icon to convert video to flash
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