Claim ticket and the pawnbroker

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Claim ticket and the pawnbroker

Postby Ever47 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:11 pm

Claim ticket and the pawnbroker

We really enjoyed this.Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 We liked getting to see some new character interactions, especially Hanna and Wren and Emily and Ezra. "A" was suitably chilling, as was Mona. We loved Ella going to the bat for Emily, though we ume "A" will find a way to use that against her one day. And we're still intrigued by Garrett.Most importantly, uming Emily's memory is correct, Jenna has finally moved from ambiguously creepy to a definite threat. But now the girls have something on her, too, which sets us up for an awesome battle of the Haven Season 3 Episode 1 wits. Bring on Jenna vs. The Liars! This week on "Pretty Little Liars," Spencer (Troian Bellisario) returns to the pawn shop to collect her sister's diamond ring; Emily (Shay Mitchell) continues to lie to her mother about her acceptance to Danby University; Aria (Lucy Hale) is blackmailed by her own brother; and Hanna (Ashley Benson) goes on a double date.Hanna agrees to go on a double date with Lucas (Brendan Robinson) and Danielle (Amanda Leighton). Her date? Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Danielle thinks Hanna is still crushing on Lucas and is using Caleb to make Lucas jealous.Hanna is the only one of the "Pretty Little Liars" who hadn't been to therapy solo. Her mom Ashley Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4(Laura Leighton) tells her she's going to therapy and doesn't leave any room for debate.

Hanna agrees to see Dr. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Sullivan (Annabeth Gish) but the first session doesn't go well. Hanna is ing the clock and when the doctor tells her to pretend Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is sitting in an empty chair, Hanna chokes up and leaves the office.Hanna finally comes around and talks to the doctor about Alison. She tells the therapist her friendship with Ali was hard and took a lot of work. The doctor tells her to tell Alison,The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 Episode 2 who is sitting in an empty chair. Hanna unloads on her dead friend. Alison was the best friend Hanna had and her friendship meant a lot, but Alison was also the worst enemy she ever had. Following Hanna's therapy session, her doctor's office is broken into and trashed. A note from "A" written in red on the wall says , "Nosey Bitches Die." Hanna's mother gets a phone call letting her know about the break-in and when she questions Hanna, the girl runs from the house as she had gotten an "SOS" from Spencer.When Samara Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 (Claire Holt) tells Emily her mother is beaming with pride at her daughter's acceptance at Danby University, Emily comes clean and tells her the letter was mailed to herself. Samara is OK with playing along with the charade.

Emily gets a package from what appears to be Danby University. She finds a note inside that says, "So happy to have you on our Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4A-team."Pam's (Nia Peeples) attitude toward Samara is a far cry from the way she behaved when she found out Emily was gay and in a relationship with Maya. This time, she invites Samara over to the house and is very cordial. The two talk about making scrapbooks -- something Samara and Pam have in common.Aria's mom Ella (Holly Marie Combs) has moved back into the Montgomery house and while everything should be getting back to normal, Aria's brother Michael is acting up. He's not where he's supposed to be and his basketball buddies haven't seen him in a couple months. When she confronts him, Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 he tells her if she tells their parents, he'll let them know Aria isn't staying away from the other girls.Spencer shows up at the pawn shop to pick up her sisters ring. She forks over the money and claim ticket and the pawnbroker disappears into the back room; however, when he returns, he hands her a horseshoe instead of the ring -- as if Melissa (Torrey Devitto) would be OK with that. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4Last week's ended with someone, presumably "A," picking up the ring and making it sound like Spencer had stolen it.
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