Chargeback fee: or how google ripped me off (twice)

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Chargeback fee: or how google ripped me off (twice)

Postby chimaera » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:51 pm

I still can believe it...

Let me tell you my story:
The 2nd of november I receive a strange mail from a customer:

"I bought this app months ago and it has been removed abd I want to know why and u all need to give me free credit cuz I don't know wat goin on
•°•°2 çÜtË fŒr WøRd§•°•°"

The same day, I receive a notice from Google:
They have reimbursed the customer (1.99 euros) without notifying me before and THEN they take 5 euros for themselves as a chargeback fee.

The chargeback had occured the day before (1 nov) I received the customer mail, so there was nothing I could do. And to top it off, Google has not even tried to contest the dispute as the amount was less than 8 euros...

Now I'm very pissed off.

They charge 30% for their crappy app market. And when their system fails and the client is upset, they charge me again for that. This can't be right.

So the conclusion is: if you plan to sell your app on the market, beware of the chargeback fee swindle

More information: ... wer=137996
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