Can I execute a .dll file with android?

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Can I execute a .dll file with android?

Postby Twerft » Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:43 am

Hey everyone.

I want to write an app that can be used on as many platforms as possible, and so I'm currently considering how this can be done. One way is to write a "web app" or mobile website, but that will limit the functionality and probably make GUI look less attractive.

The app I'm working with needs to access some webservices written in .Net. Therefore I'm considering writing a .dll file to handle all calls to the webservices and handling of the data returned from them. In rough terms it would look something like this:


The idea is to re-use the same dll file for all platforms so that only the GUI layer needs to be written specifically for each platform. But, since I don't know if I can use the dll on android for instance, then I don't know weather to start coding via this model.

Any thoughts are welcome

thanks in advance
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