Best way to develop a demo-app of an instant messenger

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Best way to develop a demo-app of an instant messenger

Postby haynes » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:12 am

Hello everybody :)

My Father is part of an MBA class. Recently the class got split up into groups for an exercise which is to come up with
a product and to present that product to potential investors ( the professors ) just like in a real business case.

My dad's group came up with the following : iAssist, an app whith which consumers posessing a certain product of a
company can text the companie's service personel whenever they have a problem with the product, so basically an instant messenger between an android phone and a pc.

So he came up to me and told me all about it and asked me if i could develop an App which would roughly demonstrate this concept.

I accepted the challenge.

The problem is, all i know is just some basic Java syntax, no socket programing or anything like that.

well i thought about it and I came up with two options:

1: programing a simple instant messenger (i would probably outsource that)
2: Designing a ICQ client with an iAssist Skin

What do you think ? How much work is it to develop an Instant Messenger like that or how would you demonstrate the concept with an App ?

i have 6 weeks xD
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