Best app to save and organize links?

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Best app to save and organize links?

Postby evely » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:14 am

Best app to save and organize links?
I've been searching for a while now for an app (android and pc) to help retain links I'd like to save. I know, the natural response to this is bookmarking, however, between pc, phone, and 2 tablets, I use a different browser on each. Till now, my quick solution has been emailing them to myself with a clearly descriptive subject line. This might sound more tortuous than something like bookmarking, however the benefit of email is its something that is checked very often, which doesn't allow for things to fall between the cracks. This is a common folly of bookmarking I've noticed in myself when I have used it. The dropdown list of bookmarks simply grows into infinity and anything of memorable importance I saved is forgotten. The research I've done so far has failed to yield many results. Evernote is the closest I've found to it, but I find myself having to force myself to use evernote as the way its setup is not very ergonomic. Any suggestions based on what I'm trying to do here? Thanks!

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