Attention: Apple TV incoming

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Attention: Apple TV incoming

Postby brandgrant867 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:44 am

Apple CEO Cook interviewed in the Wall Street journal said, apple is developing a incredible product. A "unbelievable", let people imagine for the apple product to market.

The industry analysis thinks, products Cook here means, it likely the apple TV.

"Incredible", to give people is imagination space.

What the future of apple TV may look like?

People according to own understanding, had painted different image for apple TV. Analysts from Global Equities Research imagine his apple TV: apple hd TV has similarities with Bose's VideoWave in simple, video and television quality and concise directly, also with the iTunes support, more wide Angle than the industry standard, Siri voice control, as well as integration with iCloud and software and hardware systems of Apple.

And people imagine, apple TV can through the apple's iCloud services to realize seamless synchronization with other equipment, without convert between various remote control.

The latest rumours suggest that apple will introduce three of different sizes of television in the end of 2012, the biggest size for 55 inches, entry-level size is 32 inches, TV built-in Siri function that allows users to use voice control.

But in my opinion, these rumours are too simple. If the apple TV only as that speculation, I think apple TV is not beyond general understanding of people to television. In other words, the apple TV not only is not terrible, and have no right to use "unbelievable" such adjectives.

In my understanding, why apple TV not released for a long time, largely because not reach Cook "incredible" requirements; The long-anticipated process, in fact is changes of apple TV and the process of design. The speculation, we can find similar answer in biography of Steve Jobs.

Apple made a series of success, let we have reason to believe, cook did not just any.

So, what exactly the "unbelievable" apple TV would be like?

My understanding is, from the use of the screen to product appearance, until operation mode, will get to the great breakthrough, and not just stay in the innovation of application layer.

The first Apple TV is likely to use OLED screen, not the traditional LCD, the LED display.

What TV would look like in post-PC era? A basic consensus is OLED will replace LCD, LED LCD TV. Because OLED is not only more frivolous (can thin to as a paper), and can realize the screen deformation, such as curly, fold, and so on. In 2011 the United States CES international consumer electronics show, samsung, LG, SONY all displayed 55 inch OLED prototype, samsung also established OLED division in 2012 spring, dedicated to promote the product.

The application of new type screen, let apple TV different at first glance, so leave unforgettable impressions. And this always accord with personality of apple. Of course, what exactly the appearance of apple TV, need us to wait a few months.

In addition, apple TV also is expected to configure many special operation, such as eye operation function and the new game.

In my opinion, the intelligent application of apple TV will not have a large breakthrough, after all the intelligence iphone application has been very strong, onl implanted is OK.

In fact, the terrible apple TV, not in it can realize how much of the sales volume, but its design concept of TV product, there may bethoroughness subversion to traditional thinking.

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Re: Attention: Apple TV incoming

Postby donnawhite » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:03 am

This is a very good news i read this month.
I am feeling too good by reading this.
It is such a great achievement.
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