Apple iPad garners 84% customer satisfaction rating in surve

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Apple iPad garners 84% customer satisfaction rating in surve

Postby williamslason459 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:55 pm


Are you happy with your iPad? If you said “yes,” you’re not alone, as a survey from the Software Usability Research Laboratory testing customer satisfaction for the Apple iPad, 83.65 percent of respondents indicated that they were satisfied with the tablet.

The study by Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) shows not only that over 83% of respondents are satisfied with the iPad, but that the clear majority (at 62%) rate it as ‘Excellent’.
Some other interesting findings in the study:
– Things that users like best about the iPad included variety of apps available, overall ease of use, the larger screen size, and portability. Least liked items included poor quality of some apps, the inability to play Adobe Flash, and problems typing with the keyboard. It’s good to see that apps, as expected, are a huge part of the overall iPad experience. And I expect the whole ‘missing Flash’ factor will become less and less of an issue now that even Adobe have pretty much given up on it.
– A surprisingly high percentage of respondents have more than 20 apps installed on their iPads – no less than 71%.
– This chart is surprising to me as well – showing that around 80% of respondents never use their iPad for creating documents for school or for photo editing. I’d say this is an issue of discovery – as there are plenty of apps that do a great job at those activities.
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