Android support for all Java packages?

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Android support for all Java packages?

Postby sanah007 » Fri May 29, 2009 6:49 am


I wanted to inquire if Android sdk offer support to all java packages that are currently not shipped with the Android sdk?
eg. say there is a java package com.sun.mail.pop3 used for JavaMail api. I searched the libraries attached with the HelloActivity sample project that comes with the sdk for the java package mentioned above but there was no such package included and hence the import is not possible in the android project.

So my question is can we include the java package in our android project and in other words can i add any java package that is not there in the android sdk into my android project?

Also, I wanted to know that if I have a java class file that has a Main() function then can this be the statrting point of my android application or is it always mandatory that i create a class extending Activity and then call the java class with the main function?
And will there be any issues in my android project if i create an object of this java class with the Main() function in it and then call its functions?

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