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Android PC SUITE

Postby qamerfarooq » Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:07 pm


Problem Statement:

I want to make PC SUITE type application for the android ( like Nokia provides a PC SUITE for their Symbian mobile phones for synchronization, file transfer, message reading/sending etc. - for communication between your mobile device and laptop/desktop pc). Ofcourse this application has two parts one which resides in the mobile phone and the other installed on your desktop computer/laptop.

As a startup i have limited scope for such application, and want to have following single feature in the app.:

- Contacts Synchronization {Two way synchronization of contacts [PC-Android-PC] }

Suggestions required for the following questions:

- Please elaborate how can we do the communication between both applications (one @ android, and another @ Desktop PC).

Now we have two concerns:
-What protocol should be used for data communication between both applications. (like using sockets, xmpp protocol or what ?).
-What could be the communication medium as we know Android SDK is not supporting BlueTooth, Wifi etc (like usb cabel etc or what ?).

-In case we are communicating between both apps (Android & PC) using sockets, do we need to have some concern with the medium or its transparent to the socket layer ???

- If i missed some point to create such an application please advise in detail.

Thanx - Qamer
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