Android Malicious Code??

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Android Malicious Code??

Postby Paran0idAndr0id » Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:32 pm

A cousin of mine was checking out my new droid and wanted to install nesoid lite. I had heard of it and remembered it was free so I gave him the goahead [he's usually very good with computers]. Instead of getting it from the market, the idiot retrieved it from a forum and installed it. By the time i looked at what he was doing, it was running and ready to load a rom file to begin emulating. Each time he tried to run a rom, it would crash to desktop. I asked if he got it from the market and he told me no. After wringing his neck, I checked the settings and it said 'version 2', which i do not believe exists.

I have since uninstalled it and installed the proper release from the market, which works wonderfully by the way. Now, my question is, is there a way I can scan the phone for malicious code?

The thought of compromising my device is horrifying, given all the personal data we store on them. I still have the apk... with the communities permission I'd love to upload it to see if anyone could peek at the code and assuage some of my anguish..

Thanks for any help.
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