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Android Future????????

Postby shank586 » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:19 am

Dear Google Support Team,

Please find below:

Ram Question:

What is current future of Mobile Application & How Android will support the Developers?

Answer1 from Mr.Sam Hyatt wrote:

Turn this question completely off in your mind. You are falling under the very spell that Google has woven for developers. They have become so arrogant and maybe they are right that they are following the principle of "If it is Google, they will come." People are no longer trying to become their own Google, they are merely following suit behind Google. The fact that google is trying to become the Microsoft Windows of wireless interfaces is scary enough. But for developement professionals to sell out to such a thing is ridiculous. I saw a great concept on the Android program that actually got approved and under the program they got $25,000 investment. That is petty and ridiculous. If Google wants to make a true play, they should instead, offer a much more solid plan of offering fewer services of higher quality on a pure platform that to saturate the offering and confuse their patrons right off the bat. Less technological people will walk away from confusing platforms in favor of something easier to use. Android should be IVR to cater to older folks who cant readily type in a browser and the younger lazy generations who simply dont want to. Let's not forget that we live in a free world and we should have our young minds poised to build our own Googles of the earth, not submit to conformity and blandness. Have a spectacular day and remember that it is your destiny, make sure you own it.

Sam Hyatt

Answer2 from Mr. Founder of wrote:

Taking all the eloquence out of the previous answer, yes, Google let the Android issue out. Competition turned out a disaster. SDK is closed, developers outside 50 level 1 winners are unhappy; developers in the 50 are even less happy as Google put them under enormous pressure not worth the money they got so far. And yes, the platform code is still closed apart from the modules (core and browser) that they are required to open by license terms. Finally Nokia just announced it will make Symbian open source. So, unfortunately, Android fortunes are not nearly as good as they looked 6 months ago.

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