Android Code Day in Boston fizzles out

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Android Code Day in Boston fizzles out

Postby Anil » Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:47 am

Flavorful, meaty, rich, nourishing, exotic, solid, delectable.

Er... that was the food.

Now about the Code Day IMHO:

I was very disappointed. I traveled 1254 miles to Boston, just for this.
I really wanted them to do a great job. I want Android to succeed.
The event preparation was careful and took a lot of secondary effort - from the name tags, great food, free T-shirts and location at a 5 star hotel.
Even though the event was free, Google spent money generously.

The code "day" was mysteriously cut short and the only technical session was 1 hour 15 min long.
Someone made the questionable decision to run the Basic session in parallel with the Advanced session.
We did not realize that it was one or the other. (I kick myself for missing Dick's talk.
Even though Jason Chen communicates well, the material was rather elementary - even for slow me,
and was an introduction for the benefit of the
sizeable number of MIT students and a few faculty who are taking part in the contest as a new College course).
I recorded a little and shall post the audio later on.

There was *no* promised hackathon. I expected us to write code, do coding exercises etc.
The day started with a marketing type keynote address by Rick Miner the founder of Android.
Then an overview by Jason Chen, followed by the aforesaid two sessions in parallel in the afternoon,
Dick Wall and Jason Chen. these sessions were from 1:15pm till 2:30 pm.
I dont know what prevented us from going later into the evening.
We did not get in depth into the code. Perhaps the team did not have time to prepare material.
Perhaps the documentation is self-explanatory. Perhaps for strategic reasons, they didnt want to lift the hood.
Who knows?

The good part was meeting very nice people;
Being able to see the MIT campus briefly - the mecca of engineering and technology.

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Postby plusminus » Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:57 pm

Hey Anil,

big thanks of letting us take part :) even if it was a bit basic :( .
:D the food :roll: sometimes its worth the travel...

You flew the > 1000 miles :?: thats would be damn much driving ^^

So concluding it was a bit disappointing :|
I still hope there will be one in Germany (or near) again. Even I could not get much information there, just for meeting other addicts ;)


PS: Damn I want a T-Shirt, too. ^^
I hope you grabbed 1226 shirts for all anddev members :)
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Postby res » Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:47 am

Thats a lot of travel for such a short session Anil, I would write to Google and express you concern and disappointment.
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