Android & CANbus communication (for telemetrics)

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Android & CANbus communication (for telemetrics)

Postby Spek » Thu May 19, 2011 7:51 am


Question. Are there cables/drivers to connect a device to your (Android) telephone, communicating through CAN-bus? In our harvesting machines, we like to add telemetrics. I already developed a working system, but the hardware is quite fragile. Clients often weld on the machine, toasting the electronics of sensitive components (so we need something you can easily detach). Another problem with this hardware is the lack of feedback or input(keyboard). Asides from a little LED, it doesn't tell you anything when there are problems with the SIM-card, network, or whatsoever. As you can guess, I spend whole days trying to figure out what's going on, when a modem couldn't get online for some reason. - In other words, we need better hardware.

So I was thinking about simply using a telephone. A telephone has a display, input options, GPS capabilities, even (warning)sounds if you like. And of course, a phone can establish a TCP/IP connection with a server to send data, right?

The only thing that remains is a connection with the machine. The machine hardware has a CAN-bus cable that spits out all kinds of data. The phone needs to intercept it, and send it further to a server computer via TCP/IP.

- Does such CANbus cables/hardware exists?

On top, it needs to be user-friendly of course. If possible, this program (app?) should run automatically as soon as the phone gets connected. Or at least with a simple press on a button. Further, the app should be able to run even when the phone is "sleeping" and therefore should have a relative long battery life, or get charged on the 24V from the machine. Typically these machines are running 24 hours a day. So this app has to run 24 hours a day as well.

Last but not least, is there an easy way to install the program? On Windows Mobile devices, I often had the problem that all the custom software has been erased after the device has been off for a week or so. These machines will be off during the winter, so likely the phone dissapears somewhere in a closet as well...

Never made a mobile phone program, so... I was hoping you could give some advises!
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Re: Android & CANbus communication (for telemetrics)

Postby Taxifreak60 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:42 pm

Hi, I wonder whether you found an idea or a solution.
I look the similar way for a possibility to connect a android smartphone to a cable (later it might be the CAN bus). At this time I want to read a simple input - whether a contact has power or not. But this must be integrated into the USB-Cable because my handy needs power all the time...
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