Android App send and receive data from sql server?

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Android App send and receive data from sql server?

Postby sheets » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:28 pm

Hi I am new to android apps. I however have a background in java, VB, C, html, SQL, ASP. My company wants to move in a mobile direction. we currently have a .ASP site working. Just for starters I would like this app too:

-user sign in (match username and password on our sql database)
-display account information (grab the users information from sql database)

What is the best way going about doing this? I am guessing I would need some kind "middle program" running on the server that would have getters and setters. The app would connect to this "middle program" and then use the "middle program" to get and receive data(text) from our sql server.

Is this the way going about it? What should we use as our "middle program" if we need one?

Thanks for the help guys anything is appreciated.
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