Analysis of lean desing technology for investment casting

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Analysis of lean desing technology for investment casting

Postby megan2008 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:24 am

Investment Casting Products optimum design becomes more complex, the wall becomes thinner, lighter, and more reflects the functional parts, structural parts and industrial aesthetic characteristics. In order to improve the success rate of product development, the fully principle is:to increase casting difficulty, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and achieve investment casting process with fine, excellent, light and other advantages.

1.Lean on the technology of the design

1.1 to improve process yield

Product design optimization, highlight personalization features, to achieve lower costs continue casting products wall thinning, in order to achieve continuous improvement of the difficulty of casting products.

1.2 to achieve an isolated solid cast counterbore holes for eliminating hot spot

1.3 to design on details

For product details at particularly noteworthy, by increasing the fillet, staggered cross ribs, slows section changes,it can improve the sharp corners, dead ends at the paint coat hanging, reduce the casting local stress concentration, thermal festival,and improve casting casting process and product quality, while be helpful for descaling.

1.4 to reduce the large flat

By reducing the large flat design, wall thickness, highlighting bone, the formation of mold shell module strength is relatively high.With reducing the surface layer of shell making process,it not only reduces mold shell large flat surface cracking tendencies, but also reduces the dewaxing temperature calcination process mold shell cracking caused by thermal expansion,which reduce the surface of the casting drum kits, scarring, running fire and other casting defects.

2.Lean on design for operability

2.1 to reduce the radius of gyration gating system

2.2 to decrease deformation of the casting

2.3 to clean casting is the most economical way

2.4 to minimize the casting scrap rates and failure rates

2.5 to consider finishing efficient, lean correction, and casting repair techniques

In the casting process design, in order to ensure high quality products and personalized features, lean design can not only ensure maximum through product's original work,but also ensure the operability of the manufacturing process, to effectively reduce production costs, save resources and create more value.

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