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AdMob: General and Technical Question

Postby Derek5432 » Tue May 26, 2009 4:17 am

I've been developing Android apps for a couple of months now, and I've tried a variety of approaches to monetizing them, including using AdMob, which has worked reasonably well.

First off, I'm just curious how many other devs are actually using AdMob, and what your general impressions of it are.

Secondly, in my card game apps, I've been serving up ads in dialogs between hands. This has led to a high number of ads served, but a fairly low click rate. I thought maybe if they were badly losing a game and saw an interesting ad, they might click through. Anyway, I was recently considering a model where I display the ad at the beginning of the app, and the user must click the ad and visit the sponsor in order to access the game content, but once they do, they are no longer interrupted or subjected to ads that session, ala the model.

I was wondering what other devs thought of this approach, but also specifically with AdMob how it might be implemented. From trying out various approaches today, I'm unsure of how to detect that an ad has been clicked and then using that information when the user returns to the app from visiting the sponsor's website. Any ideas on how this might be accomplished?
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