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Add Text or Subtitle to Video

Postby katherin » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:22 am

Since you have watched videos on the internet, you must have seen some videos with texts or subtiles. Some are captions for the videos, some are subtiles for the videos. People make video has a title so you can understand what the videos being about. Or people add subtitles to videos so it is more convenient to watch. If you have some videos you want to add texts or subtitles to, you need a video editor.

To do this to make your videos more understandable, iOrgsoft <a href=""><strong>Video Editor</strong></a> can help you to do so. It is an easy home video editing software that consists of Video Clipper, Video Cropper, Video Merger which allows you to clip, crop and merge your video files. Besides, it is also good at editing video in a large variety of video formats including SD, HD, camcorder video and other video files for playback on various devices. After all these, it can also help you to <a href=""><strong>add text to video</strong></a>.

Check out the tutorial here and do it step by step, it is so easy to operate.

Step 1: Load and drag the video files to the timeline.After running Video Editor, hit the “Add Videos” icon to add your video file, then drag it to the “Video” column on the timeline below. This Video Editor supports different formats such as AVCHD, MTS, MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4 or almost any other common video format.
<img src=""></img>

Step 2: Add texts to videos.Hit the “Text” icon, you will see some text styles such as Simple, Fade, Flying and so on. Drag one of them. For example drag “Simple” to the “Text” column on the timeline. Here you can fix the time point where you want the subtitles to be located. You can control the duration time of the texts by changing the time area on the timeline. Then hit the “General” button to input the texts. When finish inputting, there is nothing you need to do but just proceed to next step.
<img src=""></img>

Step 3: Input texts to videos.
<img src=""></img>

Then you have your video edited. It is so simple and easy. Add your text or subtitle to videos, make them understandable and funnier!
Besides, you can use it to <a href=""><strong>add music to video</strong></a>.
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