AbsoluteLayout deprecation

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AbsoluteLayout deprecation

Postby anarche » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:29 am

Ok so theres gonna be some of you out there who are going to say one of the following things:

a) Yeah, we know.
b) Yeah, we know - don't you read the API? (no. not this page)
c) Its ok, I don't plan on using this past Cupcake.
d) Hey I use it, it works fine!
e) Whats deprecated mean?

But the AbsoluteLayout class was deprecated in Android 1.5.

It is not recommended to use this, as it will make code harder to maintain, make your app look funny on different screens and potentially not be supported in the future.

(Yeah.. ok.. I hear you thinking). Just thought I'd let people know for the future
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