A Technique to View PPT on Sony Xperia Z

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A Technique to View PPT on Sony Xperia Z

Postby gary6540 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:04 am

Pertaining to Xperia Z

Earliest showing in early 2013, Xperia Z is actually alluring sufficient to be viewed as one among the most desirable mobile phones this year. In actual fact, nobody is going to be astounded at the rising of Xperia Z, a monster Android powered cell phone getting incredible physical appearance. Replacing Xperia T mobile as the most advanced Sony cell, Xperia Z becomes greater than a quad-core processor cell phone having 5-inch TFT screen plus high-pixel rear end digicam. To give buyers short response time, Xperia Z owns 2GB built-in memory and also to offer consumers durable battery time, 2370mAh battery pack turns out to be sent to Sony Xperia Z. Besides, the integrated NFC and even 1080p display turns Xperia Z more pleasing and then the water-repellant function has turned Xperia Z to become an unique and creative mobile.

How can users Watch PowerPoint on Xperia Z ?

Like a crafted multimedia device, Xperia Z can rarely become a qualified PowerPoint presentation player even though with the assist of Android applications. Android 4.1 based Xperia Z can easily refer to PowerPoint alternatives such as Quickoffice. But, no one of the APK programs have the ability to present users perfect alternative to play PowerPoint presentation on Xperia Z. Although Internet-dependent apps such as Google Docs additionally allow owners to play PPT file on Xperia Z, they get big chance to bring about the absence of computer animated effects in PPT. Obviously, Microsoft Office 2013 for Android devices is going to be a great choice for owners to see PowerPoint presentation on Xperia Z. Nonetheless, one has to wait for months before it happens to be accessible in the sector.

For that reason, for users who have a tendency to enjoy PowerPoint presentation on Xperia Z, the only kept choice is to turn PowerPoint presentation to Xperia Z film. To maintain the unique effects of the PowerPoint presentation, fans must find a powerful PowerPoint to Xperia Z movie convsersion program ahead of time. Then, Moyea PPT to Video Converter happens to be a nice assistant to help users watch PPT on Xperia Z.

Step One: Add PowerPoint file. Mount Moyea PPT to Video Converter, an impressive program tailored to convert PowerPoint presentation to Xperia Z movie. Open it and next simply click "Add" press button to input the PowerPoint for deeper transformation.

The Second Step: Choose output document. Providing the reality that MP4 movie is backed by Xperia Z, users have got to convert PowerPoint to MP4 movie in the event that they plan to play the changed PowerPoint on Xperia Z. Thus, fix the output document as a MP4 movie in the list of "Profile".

The Third Step: Personalize Xperia Z movie. Click "Settings" option to enter into Profile board where a variety of video parameters are provided. Convert the PowerPoint to a decent Xperia Z movie by setting the video size as "1920x1080" and also video codec as "H.264".

Step 4: Insert background music. To better play the PowerPoint on Xperia Z, click "Customize" option, pick "Music" tab and then choose "Add Music" image to add the background music for the Xperia Z movie.

The Fifth Step: Start the transformation. Right after all the measures, press "Convert" button to start the transformation operation from PowerPoint presentation to Xperia Z movie. Just as the transformation stops, one is able to play PPT on Xperia Z without restraint.
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