A Technique to View DVD File on Asus Vivo Tab RT

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A Technique to View DVD File on Asus Vivo Tab RT

Postby gary6540 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:58 am

In a specific occasion, the match of Windows 8 items is going to turn fiercer. Recently, Windows is becoming a new approved solution as tablet computer operating system apart from iOS series as well as Android OS. Immediately after the debut of Surface and ThinkPad Tablet 2, Asus has debut one more Windows 8 product called Asus Vivo Tab RT. As the first Asus product installed with Windows RT, a stripped-down edition of new Microsoft product, The new Asus tablet is actually furnished together with 10.1-inch touch screen obtaining a resolution of 1366x768, strong chip, 32GB storage area, 4G network accessibility, inserted NFC as well as 8-megapixel rear digital camera. As a result, Asus Vivo Tab RT is definitely desired in the current market.
Via Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, the Windows RT tool aids buyers to indulge in 3D games freely and by employing big display screen, it delivers buyers excellent experience on observing films. Still, for these who aspire to play DVD file on Vivo Tab RT, they are let down. On the one hand, the new Asus product is definitely a tablet without having DVD drive; the other point is, you will find no software programs to allow buyers observe DVD files with The new Asus device directly. In what way can you take pleasure in DVD on new Asus tablet?
A prospective method to process it is actually to transfer DVD for new Asus tablet. Yet, the alteration exclusively operates on the condition that one can easily obtain a successful DVD for Vivo Tab RT converter. Subsequent to the alteration, the Windows RT application is able to recognize the changed DVD movies simply. For that reason, to process the alteration from DVD movie to Asus Vivo Tab RT movie, Windows owners are able to make reference to DVD Ripper.

The First Step: Obtain and then release DVD Ripper, software specially designed as DVD for new Asus tablet converter.
The Second Step: Add DVD files. Open up the converter, just click "File" option and after that select "Load DVD" option in the drop-down menu to import the DVD movie for additional editing.

Step 3: Go for output format. To ensure end users are able to observe the changed DVD along with Asus Vivo Tab RT, changing the DVD movie to MP4 film. Hence, arrange the output video a MP4 film for the Asus Vivo Tab RT in the menu of "Profile".

Step 4: Arrange the MP4 film. Mouse click "Settings" key to enter Settings section where several video variables happen to be supplied. Then set the MP4 file a decent Vivo Tab RT movie along with the variables supplied. To illustrate, fix the video measurement as "1366x768" and also audio codec as "AAC".

Step Five: Alter the MP4 file. Just click "Edit" symbol to enter Video Edit section where a number of changing attributes happen to be supplied. After that edit the MP4 movie together with this DVD to MP4 converter. To illustrate, set the video length together with "Trim" tab.

Step 6: Commence the conversion process. Soon after all the measures, just click Convert key to begin the conversion process from DVD to Asus Vivo Tab RT document. As the change ends, one may view the changed DVD on Asus Vivo Tab RT freely.

1. To transfer 2D film to 3D file for the latest Asus tablet computer, clicking "3D Settings" symbol to enter matching section. And then select one particular 3D effect supplied in the drop-down menu and even modify 3D depth together with matching bar.
2. To transfer numerous DVD documents for the initial Asus Windows 8 product, just click "Edit" key and next choose "Merge" option in the drop-down menu. As the conversion ceases, these DVD documents will be merged into an integrated MP4 film for Asus Vivo Tab RT.
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