A strange issue with Market

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A strange issue with Market

Postby The DavinCode » Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:21 pm

A strange issue with Market. I uploaded my first app in Market 2 weeks ago , and because of low downloads i started thinking that my app may be not visible. The weird think is that its not visible to a friends for example Galaxy s2 , but to an other Galaxy it is.. same country both. both with gingerbread. I dont think its my manifest issue , iv checked it. can you please try see my app not from web app but from market app of your device? name of my app is LiveSpace Lite .. its a live wallpaper. now that we are talking it is in
live wallpapers > top new free > position must be arround 50 depends on country and device , and at
live wallpapers> top free > position depends on country and device

Please dont search for it by name...just try to find it in these categories thanks!!

i m trying to find a way to solve this out with android support team , but i m dissapointed.. they dont seem to care much.
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