A Practice to Enjoy PowerPoint Presentation on iPhone 5

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A Practice to Enjoy PowerPoint Presentation on iPhone 5

Postby gary6540 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:54 am

Along with applauses and cheers, the expected iPhone 5 had at long last thrown its disguise. Just as the advanced version of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 rightly explains to the community the existing heart of Apple Company: innovation as well as creation. Additionally, iPhone 5 completely combines charm, fashion and also strength into an incorporated section. Just as a device acquiring wonderful IPS display with a resolution of "1136x640", powerful battery power, 4G connectivity, 8-megapixel rear digital camera and even rapid A6 processor, iPhone 5 is also most desired for its attractive design where fashionable factors are allowed to be traced. Therefore iPhone 5 owns more benefits in the struggle against Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920.

With an iPhone 5, customers can not only indulge in the film as well as the audio but shot superb photos. Therefore how about enjoying PowerPoint presentation on iPhone 5? However, enjoying PPT utilizing iPhone 5 immediately and wonderfully will be a fancy storyline. Hence, for such who like to watch PowerPoint presentation utilizing iPhone 5, they are required to discover a solution to make PowerPoint presentation attainable to iPhone 5. Then, a manageable approach to manage it happens to be to to switch PPT to iPhone 5 film.

Yet, this particular way works on the basis that one is able to grab an impressive PPT for iPhone 5 converter, which has the ability to not simply allow observing PowerPoint file on iPhone 5 simply but keep the primary animation effects after the alteration.

The First Step: Get and even start Moyea PPT to Video Converter, an effective program entirely made to transform PowerPoint presentation to iPhone 5 film.

Step Two: Input the PowerPoint file. Open the converter and after that click on "Add" symbol to add the PPT for extra modifying.

Step 3: Fix the output film. To ensure consumers can indulge in the altered PPT file with iPhone 5 freely, changing the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 film for iPhone 5. In order to manage it, set the output file as MP4 film in the list of "Profile".

The Fourth Step: Tailor-make output file. Because diverse video factors tend to be supplied for customizing in this particular PPT to MP4 conversion software, get the altered PPT a good iPhone 5 film. Press "Settings" option lying close to Profile bar to enter Profile screen where variables happen to be supplied. After that fix the video dimension as "1136x640" and also video codec as "H.264" for iPhone 5.

Step Five: Commence the alteration. Simply click Start switch to manage the conversion procedure from PowerPoint to iPhone 5 film. Just as the conversion ceases, one is able to watch PowerPoint on iPhone 5 effortlessly.


1. To set the change time of every single PPT page, mouse click "Customize" option to go into Customize: Settings screen. After that simply click "Presentation" tab and also choose "Timing" tab to specify the transition time of slides.

2. To put watermark to the modified film, mouse click "Customize" press button to go into matching screen. After that go for "Watermark" tab where one can add and also tailor-make the watermark page.
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