3 Strategies to Play PowerPoint on HTC 8X

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3 Strategies to Play PowerPoint on HTC 8X

Postby gary6540 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:59 am

With powerful Android tools like HTC One X, HTC Company happens to be a recognized mobile manufacturer. With the help of fantastic Windows 8 phones like HTC 8X mobile, the smartphone supplier is actually wishing to secure much more market earnings. Made just as an excellent Windows mobile, HTC 8X mobile has got to combat Lumia 920 for the flagship in Windows 8 mobile industry. Seeing as a born market strike, HTC 8X mobile is equipped with a big display screen with screen resolution of 1280x720, high-pixel rear end camera, 1.5kHz dual-core processor, long-lasting power supply and also 16GB built-in storage. Moreover, the Beast Audio, which assures strong bass sound and sharp audio, gets HTC 8X mobile a desirable music player plus the reasonable price aids the HTC Windows smartphone interact in the workforce of low-priced cell phones.

"How can I Play PowerPoint on HTC 8X mobile?" Powered by a Windows centered method, HTC 8X mobile can make full use of Microsoft Office Mobile. Hence, enjoying PPT on HTC 8X mobile is only an uncomplicated job. Whenever enjoying PowerPoint on HTC 8X mobile along with Microsoft Office Mobile, the developping app may provide possible challenges like losing initial animated effects of the PowerPoint. Consequently, consumers constantly are required to get other flawless alternatives to play PowerPoint on HTC 8X mobile.

A perfect technique to guide consumers play PPT on HTC 8X mobile turns out to be to alter PPT to HTC 8X mobile video. The conversion not only gets PPT compatible with HTC 8X mobile, but maintains the animated effects of the PowerPoint presentation. Consequently, to help end users see PowerPoint on HTC 8X mobile, three methods on switching PowerPoint to HTC 8X mobile video shall be included in this article.

Method One: Transform PPT to WMV video

Is it feasible to convert PowerPoint to video for HTC 8X mobile without having referring to HTC 8X mobile converters? Considering that WMV video tends out to be recognized by HTC 8X mobile, consumers are allowed to convert the PPT to a WMV video with the help of PowerPoint 2007. Although the alteration approach may need slow reaction time and also main CPU occupancy rate, it is at least an available and also easy technique to assist owners see PowerPoint on HTC 8X mobile. By clicking on "Save As" button in the drop-down menu of "File", end users are permitted to keep the PowerPoint presentation as a WMV video.

The Second Method: Change PowerPoint to AVI
Because AVI video is in the compatible with HTC 8X mobile, the alteration practice from PowerPoint to AVI video tend to enable end users to play PPT on HTC 8X mobile. To handle the conversion, consumers are needed to transform the PowerPoint pages to pictures and next transform the pictures to AVI video by using Ulead GIF Animator 5. Therefore, this method is an indirect way to help end users handle the conversion from PPT to HTC 8X mobile video.

Step 1: Wide open PowerPoint 2010, import the PowerPoint and next simply click "Save As" choice in the drop-down menu to keep the PowerPoint photos as PNG pictures.

Step 2: Get and launch Ulead GIF Animator 5, open it and even import the image of first slide using "Open Image…" alternative in the drop-down menu of "File". After that just click "Frame" button and choose "Add Frame" alternative to import the images of the PowerPoint slides as frames. Also arrange the transition period of every slide.

Step 3: Following that, just click "File" button, opt for "Save As" alternative and next choose "Video File…" to arrange the output data file as AVI video.

Method Three: Transform PowerPoint to MP4 video

The normal films documented by HTC 8X mobile are MP4 movies. Hence, MP4 appears to be a preferred video format for HTC 8X mobile video. Seeing as the last but not the least important approach, consumers can easily perform PPT file on HTC 8X mobile right after changing the PPT to a MP4 video. To process the alteration process, an impressive PowerPoint to HTC 8X mobile convsersion app like Moyea PPT to Video Converter is actually highly expected.

Step 1: Download and install Moyea PPT to Video Converter, an impressive device developed to handle the conversion from PowerPoint to HTC 8X mobile video.

Step 2: Wide open the convsersion program, just click "Add" icon to import the PowerPoint presentation for further alteration.

Step three: To make certain they can play the modified PPT on HTC 8X mobile, consumers shall set the output data file as a MP4 video in the drop-down menu of "Profile".

Step Four: Simply click "Settings" button to get into Profile screen where numerous video factors are provided. After that convert the PPT to a decent HTC 8X video by customizing the video dimension as "1280x800", and video codec as "H.264".

Step Five: Soon after all of the steps, just click "Start" option to start off the practice of switching PPT to HTC 8X mobile video. While the alteration halts, end users are permitted to watch PowerPoint on HTC 8X effortlessly.
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