2 Ways to Enjoy Flash Movie on Ascend Mate Mobile

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2 Ways to Enjoy Flash Movie on Ascend Mate Mobile

Postby gary6540 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:40 pm

Tablet fails to become employed to get phone call and also cell phone merely acquires small-size display screen. Then are there any tactics to transform a cell phone to a tablet device? Asus and also Huawei have delivered different methods to it. As a unique phone, Padfone 2 mobile turns out to be a tablet device right after connecting to a Padfone station; seeing as a beast mobile, Ascend Mate mobile is identified as tablet computer/smartphone mixture for its 6.1-inch display screen. Therefore, Ascend Mate mobile actually turns Samsung Galaxy Note 2 less appealing. Crafted for high-end cellular market, Ascend Mate mobile owns an IPS display screen with 720p, fast quad-core processor and also a 4000mAh battery power. Besides that, the excellent backside digicam along with the Android 4.1 operating system have turned Ascend Mate mobile a most awaited 2013 cell.

As a great Android cellular, Ascend Mate mobile can deliver incredible entertaining joy to end users. However, seeing as a Jelly Bean phone, Ascend Mate mobile can't be employed as a Flash animation scanner. Consequently, in what ways can users play Flash SWF on Ascend Mate mobile? Even though it happens to be not a straightforward challenge to view Flash on Ascend Mate mobile, one can obtain ways to perform it. Actually, one feasible way for buyers to perform SWF on Ascend Mate mobile happens to be to install Flash viewers and also one additional is to convert Flash to Ascend Mate mobile video.

Method One: Mount Skyfire APK

Skyfire APK is a Internet-based cellphone browser that can play Flash SWF on web pages. As a cross-system software, Skyfire IPA allows consumers to play Flash movie on iPhone 5 and also Skyfire APK is crafted for aiding consumers watch Flash animation on Skyfire APK. In most cases, Skyfire APK is likely to change the Flash animation to a HTML5-centered video to make sure that it is generally available to Ascend Mate mobile. Nonetheless, seeing as a Flash Player substitute for cell phone restricted in features, Ascend Mate mobile ceases to permit end users view Flash animation on Ascend Mate mobile effortlessly at times. Furthermore, similar to the conversion skills from Flash movie to HTML5, Ascend Mate mobile requires additional improvement.

The Second Method: Turn Flash SWF to Ascend Mate mobile video

The distinctive design has gotten Flash animation solely enjoyable on Adobe Player. Consequently, when end users can transform Flash movie to Ascend Mate mobile video just like MP4 movie, they may get it an simple endeavor to watch Flash SWF on Ascend Mate mobile. But, earlier than the conversion functions, one has to find a powerful Flash to Ascend Mate mobile convsersion app. As a consequence, Windows end users can easily refer to Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter to change Flash movie to Ascend Mate mobile video while Mac users to SWF Converter Mac.

The First Step: Obtain and also install Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, which works as a effective Ascend Mate mobile video.

The Second Step: Add the Flash animation. Open the convsersion app, opt for "Input" tab and next select "From Folder" alternative in the menu of "Browser…" to input downloaded Flash file or "From URL" option to turn YouTube video.

The Third Step: Go for output file. In an effort to transform Flash file to MP4 video for Ascend Mate mobile, consumers have to choose "Export" tab, examine "Video" box and next fix the output file as MP4 in the menu of "Profile". Simply using this method can users enjoy converted Flash animation on Ascend Mate mobile.

Step 4: Specify Ascend Mate mobile video. Go for "Export" tab and also mouse click "Settings" switch to enter into Profile panel where a variety of video variables tend to be supplied. Alter the Flash movie to a decent Ascend Mate mobile movie by setting the video dimension as "1280x720" and also video codec as "H.264".

The Fifth Step: Start the transformation. After all those measures, click on "Convert" tab and commence the transformation from Flash to Ascend Mate mobile video with "Play and Capture" and also "Finish" buttons. As the transformation halts, users are allowed to enjoy Flash animation on Ascend Mate mobile effortlessly.
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