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[phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /feed.php on line 172: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /includes/utf/utf_tools.php:1781) Android Development Community | Android Tutorials 2013-11-14T11:57:43+01:00 2013-11-14T11:57:43+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • SELL CVV GOOD (US/UK/CA/EU/AU...Y!M: cookie_man135xx <<]]> Hello to every one this is my price list of my stuffs!!!!!!!!!
-yahoo ID :cookie_man135xx
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......... Sell Cvv (Very Good and Fresh , Work 100%) ............

-* List cc i have and price i have :

- US (Visa,Master) = 4$ per 1
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- US vbv and bins = 10$per

- UK (Visa,Master) = 15$ per 1
- UK (Amex,Dis) = 20$ per 1
- UK fullz info = 30$ per 1
- UK bin,dob = 25$ per 1

- CA (Visa,Master) = 10$ per 1
- CA (Amex,Dis) = 13$ per 1
- CA fullz info = 30$ per 1

- AU (Visa,Master) = 10$ per 1
- AU (Amex,Dis) = 15$ per 1
- AU fullz info = 30$ per 1

- EU (Visa,Master) = 20$ per 1
- EU (Amex,Dis) = 23$ per 1
- EU fullz info = 40$ per 1

- Italy = 20$ per 1
- Spain = 20$ per 1
- Denmark = 25$ per 1
- Sweden = 20$ per 1
- France = 18$ per 1
- Germany = 18$ per 1
- Ireland = 18$ per 1
- New zeland = 18$ per 1
- Switherland = 18$ per 1
- Slovakia = 20$ per 1
- Netherlands = 15$ per 1
- Mexico = 15$ per 1
- Asia = 15$ per 1
- Brazil = 20$ per 1

446278 - 446272 - 449352 - 449353 - 498824 - 415929 - 465902 - 492940
492181 - 492182 - 492942 - 456735 - 454313 - 462785 - 453978
518675 - 6759 - 5434 - 529930 - 552188 - 543429

* And many country other...let me know if have i will sell for you.
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* I will change if cc not good or dont work.

************ LIST DUMP + TRACK 1,2 ************
*** Usa :101
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- American Express - $50 ( WITHOUT SID )
- Discover = $50
*** Canada: 101 201
- Visa Classic, MasterCard Standart = 45$
- Visa Gold | Platinum | Business, MasterCard Gold | Platinum = 50$
*** EU, UK: 101 201
- Classic/Standart = 60$
- Gold/Platinum = 70$
- Business/Signature/Purchase/Corporate/World = 100$
*** Other countries: 101 201
- MasterCard| Visa Classic = 50$
- Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business = 70$
*** ASIA/AUSTRALIA/Exotic: 101 201 121
- MasterCard| Visa Classic = $50
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********* My Business Regulations *****************
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yahoo ID :cookie_man135xx
icq: 659464854

Statistics: Posted by intercvv — Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:57 am

2013-11-12T09:38:45+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: Recover contacts, SMS, photos and video from Samsung Gal]]> How to Recover Photos, Videos from Samsung Galaxy Read more:

How to Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Galaxy

Statistics: Posted by cassielilily — Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:38 am

2013-11-09T02:35:08+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Thanksgiving Promotion 2013: 20% off Xperia Z1 Video Convert]]>
If you are androd fan and just plan to get a android phone, now, sony Xperia Z1 is avaliable. Which is a wonderful smartphone. Blow is the specs of Xperia Z1. You may have a look.

Sony Xperia Z1: Specs

* Design: Dust and water resistant (IP55 and IP58)
* Operating System: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
* Screen: 5 in Full HD (1080 x 1920), Triluminos, X-Reality
* Processor: 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core
* Storage: 16 GB, microSD (up to 64 GB)
* Memory: 2GB
* Camera (rear): 20.7 Mp, Exmore RS sensor, Bionz processing engine, 27 mm G lens, F2.0, 8x digital zoom, HDR, burst mode, object tracking, 1080p video
* Camera (front): 2Mp, 1080p
* Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, MHL support, aGPS, DLNA, 4G LTE
* Battery: 3000mAh, up to 830 mins talk time, up to 880 hours standby

If you have already got the smartphone, here is post must be useful for you. As you see, Xperia X1 has a 5 inch full HD display, which is great for watching videos. However, Due to its own formats limitation, many video files can't be played well by Xperia Z1. Such as MKV, AVI, VOB, MPG, Tivo, WMV, FLV/F4V, MOV, MOD, TOD, M2TS etc.

For this situation, a good solution is using Pavtube Xperia Z1 Video Converter, which lets you compress HD 1080p movies to Xperia Z1 optimized videos and downsize them to less than 4GB. The converter performs faster and supports more variety of source formats than over-majority competitors on market. Even TiVo recordings can be converted to Sony Xperia Z1.

In case that you run a Mac computer, download Xperia Z1 Video Converter for Mac and follow the steps above for converting 1080p HD MOV/MP4/M4V to Xperia Z1.

The following is a guide for you to convert MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, Tivo, MPG video to Xperia Z1 for playback.

Step 1. Drag and drop source 1080p MKV/AVI/MP4 video to the Sony Xperia Z1 Video Converter.


Step 2. Click the pull down menu at the opposite side of "Format", and then choose "Android -> Android Phones 720p Video (*.mp4)" format.


Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start compressing HD videos to Xperia Z1 friendly format and size.

And you can preview and customize output file size.

To do this, click on "Settings" button. In the pop-up Profile Settings window you can find set settings and check task details. The upper parts shows you the a/v settings you're using. The lower part displays the file information.

File size depends on the bitrate you use. For instance, in this case, I use the defualt bitrate 2000kbps, and it ends up generating a 2.4 GB .mp4 file. If I set video bitrate to 1500kbps, the final file will be 1.8GB in size. If you want smaller file size, set video bit rate down.

When 1080p HD video to Xperia Z1 conversion completes, you can click "Open" button to find generated 1080p videos on Mac. Now you can sync movies to Xperia Z1.


Good new for you! Thanksgiving coming! To celebrate this special festival, Pavtube launch Thanksgiving Giveaway and Promotion 2013, you can get Free, Buy one get one free, Up to 66% off discount between Nov. 7 and Dec. 10, 2013.

1. Thanksgiving Best Sellers

* 30% off Blu-ray Ripper (Windows/Mac)
* 30% off DVD Ripper (Windows/Mac)
* 20% offVideo Converter Ultimate
* 20% off iMedia Converter for Mac
* 20% off Video Converter Windows/Mac

2. Thanksgiving Giveaway

* Free DVD Ripper (Windows/Mac)
* Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate

3. Thanksgiving Buy one Get one free Treats

* Buy MTS/M2TS Converter (Windows/Mac), Free Get FLV Converter (Windows/Mac)
* Buy MXF Converter (Windows/Mac), Free Get MKV Converter (Windows/Mac)
* Buy HD Video Converter (Windows/Mac), Free Get DVD Creator (Windows/Mac)

4. Thanksgiving Crazy Deals - Only $9.9

* MKV Converter (Windows/Mac)
* FLV/F4V Converter (Windows/Mac)
* TOD Converter (Windows/Mac)
* MOD Converter (Windows/Mac)

5. Get more discount - Sharing at your Facebook page

Click "Share on Facebook" button, insert "#PavtubeThanks2013", choose "Public", and click "Share Link". You will get another 20% coupon. The discounted link will be sent to your Facebook "Inbox" or "Other" within 24 hours on work days.

If don't receive message from strangers, please don't forget to contact us for the discounted link via


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2013-11-07T09:48:57+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: A Few Best Methods To Transfer iPhone Contacts to Comput]]> If you want to backup iPhone contacts to save all the names, email addresses, and phone numbers to ensure that you will always have your iPhone contacts on hand even if you are unfortunate enough to lose phone. Then, You’re now looking at the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone is MobileGo for iOS. ... puter.html

Statistics: Posted by selinajolin — Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:48 am

2013-11-07T09:35:11+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • How-to: Play Amazon Instant video on Microsoft Surface 2]]>
As we know, videos, TV shows, movies, etc. purchased or download from Amazon Instant Video are protected by DRM and can’t play on non-specified players. Unluckily, Microsoft Surface 2 is one of them. Meanwhile, WMV is not a format supported by Surface 2 (It prefers MP4). That means, to play Amazon video on Surface 2, you’ll need to both remove DRM protection from Amazon videos and at the same time convert WMV to Surface 2compatible MP4.

To play amazon wmv on Surface 2, a DRM removal and a video converter are needed. To make it simpler, you can get an all-in-one DRM removal and converter. Here Amazon DRM removal program is highly recommended as the best tool to help you strip DRM from Amazon purchased WMV videos and convert them to MP4 for Surface 2. In addition, it can also remove DRM from M4V, M4B, M4P, WMA, ASF and AA/AAX. Now download it and follow the guide below to watch Amazon video on Surface 2.

Free download WMV to Surface Converter:


How to put WMV videos on Surface 2 for smooth playback

Step1. Add Amazon WMV Video

Download and install this DRM converter. You can either click “Add…” or drag & drop to add your downloaded Amazon wmv video to the program. Note that when converting Amazon WMV to Surface 2, make sure you have installed Windows Media Player and your Amazon videos play well in Windows Media Player. Otherwise, the conversion may fail.


Step2. Choose output format

As has been mentioned above, Microsoft Surface 2 supports MP4 videos. Here click Video files to and select HD MP4 from HD Video to get H.264 MP4 files for Surface 2. As you can see, there are lots of other video formats for your choice. if you like, you can then click “Settings” to adjust the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc.


Step3. Start to convert protected Amazon videos

When all settings are done, click Start to begin removing DRM protection from Amazon WMV and convert WMV to MP4. After the conversion, click Fine Target to get the converted DRM-free videos directly. Then transfer them to your Surface 2. Just enjoy the movies.

Statistics: Posted by smallfish5534 — Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:35 am

2013-10-30T06:38:16+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: How to Transfer disney digital copy movies on Kids Table]]>
Description: Simplest and most reliable guide to show you how to transfer and watch DVD on Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 for playback.

Since 2011, Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the hottest tablets in the market. The company has just officially refreshed its product line and introduced the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets- Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and Kindle Fire HDX 7. Kindle Fire HDX 7 has a high resolution display and high pixel density for an incredible multimedia experience. The display features over 2 million pixels for vivid, lifelike images that go beyond standard HD.

For whom have a large collection of DVDs, it couldn’t be more exciting to see DVD playback on Kindle Fire HDX 7. Wondering how to remove disc protection? Don’t how to set the best specs for Kindle Fire HDX 7? No worries, both Windows and Mac users will find your answer here.

Kindle Fire HDX 7 supported video format:

MP4, 3GP, VP8 (video playback at 720p)
Kindle Fire HDX 7 supported audio format:
Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), MP3, Non-DRM AAC (.m4a), MIDI, OGG, WAV, OGG, WAV, MP4, AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, AMR-NB, AMR-WB

What you need?

Pavtube DVD to Kindle Fire HDX Converter, a professional DVD Converting program to help you easily remove commercial DVD protection and transfer the movie to MP4 with best settings for Kindle Fire HDX 7.

Tips:1. Get the Mac version here: DVD to Kindle Fire HDX Converter for Mac;

2. You can get 30% off on Pavtube Halloween Big Deal now. End on Nov.6, 2013. Never miss!

3. If you want to get multiple languages in the converted video, try this DVD Ripper Pro.

Learn more special offer:

ByteCopy($42) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ByteCopy for Mac($42) + iMedia Converter for Mac($65) = Only $80, Save $27
ChewTune ($29) + Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $75, Save $19
ChewTune for Mac($29) + iMedia Converter for Mac($65) = Only $75, Save $19
Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate($65) + DVD Creator($35) = Only 65$, Save $35

System Requirements:


Operating System: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

DirectX Version: 9.0 or above
Memory: 64MB at least
Processor: 500MHz Intel or 500MHz AMD CPU
Hard Disc Space: 512MB or above
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM


Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9)

Memory: 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more.
Display: 1024*768 or higher resolution display.
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM

How to Convert DVD to Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Step 1. Run this 30% off DVD to Kindle Fire HDX7 Converter; load DVD.

You can click the top left icon to load DVD from ROM, DVD IFO/ISO or DVD folder. Or you can simply drag and drop to the main interface.


Step 2. Choose Kindle Fire HDX MP4.

Click the Format drop-down list, choose "Android>Amazon Kindle Fire HD(*.mp4)" which works well for Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch. Or you can submit "kindle" in search box at the bottom right corner to quick locate this preset.


Step 3. Customize video specs (Optional).

Your can click "Settings" to free change video size, bitrate, frame rate and others. If you own a 16GB version and do not want to keep videos in large size, you can lower the bitrate settings to get smaller files.

Step 4. Start Conversion.

Now hit the big red "Convert" to start converting DVD to MP4 for Kindle Fire HDX 7. After conversion, you can click "Open output folder" to quick locate the converted video.

How to transfer media files to Kindle Fire HDX?

See Also:

Get Kindle Fire HDX 7 to Play all 1080p/720p MKV HD movies
Free Play AVCHD MTS/M2TS Videos on Kindle Fire HDX 7/8.9
Transfer and Watch Blu-ray movies on Kindle Fire HDX 7
Syncing iTunes with Kindle Fire HDX 7
Download Digital Copy to Kindle Fire HDX 7/8.9

More discount at "Patube Halloween Huge Discount?":

Free Pavtube DVD Ripper for Win/Mac
Free Pavtube Video DVD Converter Ultimate
30% OFF Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (Windows or Mac)
20% OFF Video Converter Ultimate /iMedia Converter for Mac
20% OFF Video Converter (Windows or Mac)

Source: Easily viewing DVD movies on Kindle Fire HDX 7

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2013-10-25T09:57:55+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: How to program tracking friends by GPS on Android]]> Mobile Spy.

Statistics: Posted by EmmaL — Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:57 am

2013-10-17T09:14:05+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Convert Canon XF105 MXF File into FCP 6 Native Structure]]> "I'm using a converter to convert files off of a Canon XF105. I get video, but the audio is extremely muted. I'm trying to convert the .MXF file into a FCP 6 native structure

. Thanks for the help."

MXF files could not be directly imported into Final Cut Pro. The native format for Final Cut Pro is Apple ProRes mov, so you need to [url=

mac/]convert MXF file to Apple ProRes for importing into FCP 6[/url]. Considering that, Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is the best choice to make MXF acceptable for FCP 6.

Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is profession in dealing with MXF/P2 MXF problems. It could easily convert MXF files to various SD/HD videos for different usage. With Aunsoft

TransMXF for Mac, you can enjoy your MXF file on your phones, tablets, TVs or uploading to the Internet. You can use the MXF file in editing software like Final Cut Pro,

iMovie, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc. Aunsoft TransMXF supports special format Apple ProRes for editing in FCP. It is the best solution for MXF/P2 MXF format


Convert Canon XF105 MXF to Apple ProRes 422 for FCP 6


Step 1: Import source MXF file into MXF to FCP Converter.

Download Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac, install and launch it. Click "Add video" or "Add from folder" to load in source Canon XF105 MXF file. You can preview the MXF file in

the right side of the interface before converting.

Step 2: Choose "Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (*.mov)" as output format.

Choose "Final Cut Pro" then "Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (*.mov)" as output format for importing into Final Cut Rro 6 without problem. Click "Settings" to set the output video and

audio options like size, bitrate, frame rate, etc.


Step 3: Convert MXF to Apple ProRes 422 mov.

Choose location for output mov video and click "Start conversion". With little time, you will get the output video with perfect video and audio synchronization[/url]. Click "Open"

to find your video and you are able to use it in Final Cut Pro 6.

Statistics: Posted by kayla — Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:14 am

2013-10-14T02:17:18+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • The DOC begins administrative reviews of Stainless steel bar]]> stainless steel round bar countervailing duty orders with a February anniversary date.
The DOC initiated the following administrative reviews of AD orders involving steel products:
(a) Stainless steel bar from Brazil (A-351-825) – Villares Metals SA
(b) Stainless steel bar from India (A-533-810) – Ambica Steels Limited; Chandan Steel Limited; and Mukand, Ltd, Mukand Sumi Metal Processing Ltd and Mukand International FZE. stainless steel square bar
(c) Certain cut-to-length carbon quality steel plate from Korea (A-580-836) Daewoo International Corp, Dongbu Steel Co Ltd, Dongkuk Steel Mill Co Ltd, Edgen Murray Corporation, GS Global Corp, Hyosung Corporation; Hyundai Steel Co, Kyoungil Co Ltd, Samsung C&T Corp, Samwoo EMC Co Ltd and TCC Steel Corp.
The period of review is February 1st 2012 through January 31st 2013.
The DOC also initiated an administrative review of the following CVD order involving steel products:
(a) Certain cut to length carbon-quality steel plate from Korea (C-580-837) Daewoo International Corp; Dongbu Steel Co Ltd; stainless steel hexagonal bar Dongkuk Steel Mill Co Ltd; Edgen Murray Corporation; GS Global Corp; Hyosung Corporation; Hyundai Steel Co; Kyoungil Co Ltd; Samsung C&T Corp; Samwoo EMC Co Ltd and TCC Steel Corp.
The period of review is calendar year 2012.

Statistics: Posted by jencostu94 — Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:17 am

2013-10-11T09:56:07+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Delete Music & Songs from iPad Mini (iOS 7) without iTunes]]>
Watch This Video:

Xilisoft iPad Magic

Not only to transfer files from your computer to iPad like iTunes, It's developed for iPad fans to transfer songs, videos, apps, camera roll, pictures, ringtones and more between iPad and computer & iTunes, and even rip CD/DVD and convert any videos/audios to iPad. Fully Support iOS 7, iTunes 11, The New iPad, iPad with Retina display

* Backup Music/Songs from iPad to Computer
* Manage, Transfer & Delete Photos/Pictures on iPad
* Convert and Transfer Movies/Video to iPad
* Transfer eBooks(PDF/ePub) to iPad
* Convert home DVDs & Videos to iPad, iPod, or iPhone
* Download, Convert & Transfer online videos for iPad
* iPad App transfer and App document management


Statistics: Posted by harper17 — Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:56 am

2013-10-06T06:19:23+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Offline Map Routing/Navigation?]]>
I want to create a offline turn-by-turn navigation map.
any suggestion?

Statistics: Posted by Nehvolution — Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:19 am

2013-09-26T13:44:28+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: Recover contacts, SMS, photos and video from Samsung Gal]]> Backup and Restore Android SMS MMS Messages

If you're looking to backup & transfer Android SMS and MMS to computer, Backuptrans Android SMS + MMS Transfer is the best choice which lets you do it in just a few easy steps. It offers a convenient solution for all Android users to transfer Android SMS and MMS to computer or transfer SMS & MMS from old Android to new Android. No other Android utility softtware does more.

1 Backup and transfer Android SMS/MMS to computer
2 Copy media files from MMS to computer, such as photos videos audios etc
3 Restore SMS and MMS to Android from computer
4 Transfer SMS and MMS between Android phones directly
5 Export Android SMS and MMS to file such as TXT, CSV, DOC, PDF or HTML
6 Print out Android SMS/MMS in amazing threading mode
7 Connect Android to software via USB/WiFi


Read more:
For Mac:

Backup and Restore Android Contacts

If you're looking to backup and restore Android contacts on computer, Backuptrans Android Contacts Backup & Restore is the best choice which lets you do it in just a few easy steps. It offers a perfect solution for all Android users to backup, restore and manage Android Contacts. It's convenient and safe. It not only supports Android Contacts backup to computer, but also enables users to restore contacts backup from computer database to Android, either a new Android phone or your old Android phone.

1 Backup Android Contacts to computer
2 Restore Contacts to Android from computer
3 Export Android Contacts to document file(CSV, vCard, TXT, DOC, HTML, PDF)
4 Add, Edit or Delete Android contacts from PC
5 Transfer Contacts between Android and Address Book programs including Outlook Express, Yahoo Address Book, Google Contacts, Thunderbird, Aol Mail, Hotmail, Windows Contacts, Apple Address Book, Fastmail, Rediff Mail,, Loposte, Orange, Skype.
6 Transfer Contacts between different Phones(iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone)
7 Print Android Contacts from computer directly


Read more:
For Mac:

Android SMS to iPhone Transfer - is designed to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone directly. Connect both your iPhone and android phone to computer, and you will get it done in a few seconds.

iPhone SMS + MMS to Android Transfer - is designed to transfer iPhone SMS/MMS to Android phone directly. Connect both your iPhone and android phone to computer, and you will get it done in a few seconds.

Android Contacts to iPhone Transfer - is a trustworthy software designed to easily transfer contacts from Android to iPhone directly on computer. All contacts information will be merged perfectly. Moreover, it's not only a simple Android Contacts to iPhone Transfer software, but also an amazingly iPhone Contacts manager.

iPhone Contacts to Android Transfer - is a trustworthy software designed to easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Android directly on computer. All contacts information will be merged perfectly. Moreover, it's not only a simple iPhone Contacts to Android Transfer software, but also an amazingly Android Contacts manager.

iTunes Backup Extractor - offers you the fast & simple-to-use way to extract and recover your data such as photo, video, camera roll, voicemail, Message, contact, note, calendar event, call history, voice memo, Safari bookmark and App Data etc from iTunes Backup.

Statistics: Posted by Bariti — Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:44 pm

2013-09-25T12:22:35+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: How to convert MVI to FCE on Mac and edit MVI in Final C]]> Statistics: Posted by Olivia50 — Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:22 pm

2013-09-25T12:21:36+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: Converting multi-track MXF files to Mac no audio, video ]]> Statistics: Posted by Olivia50 — Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:21 pm

2013-09-25T12:17:40+01:00 <![CDATA[Map Tutorials • Re: Recover contacts, SMS, photos and video from Samsung Gal]]> Statistics: Posted by Olivia50 — Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:17 pm