Universal Remote Control - TV, Car, Home Security, ...

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Would having ONE secure universal remote control be beneficial?

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Universal Remote Control - TV, Car, Home Security, ...

Postby jamesbdunn » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:25 pm

All cell phones should have an additional menu added for turning the cell phone into a standardized remote control. With a camera setup to recognize finger and hand gestures, or a 2D rocker for analog control; or install a MEMS chip to provide position and rotation tracking of the cell phone. A MEMS chip is a very small integrated circuit that houses multiple mechanical sensors. This same package can hold gyroscopes, accelerometers, atmospheric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, ...

http://www.bosch-sensortec.com/content/ ... l/3474.htm

Back to the point, the intent of this remote control is to be effortless, highly secure, and universally applicable. The cell phone has a much broader area of coverage than any media we individually control. So we can potentially operate many of the things we have in our lives more effortlessly; and from almost anywhere.

    television, stereo, garage door, security system, sprinkler system, start the car, lock and unlock the car, close/open the car windows, pop the trunk lid, check on the kids with a remote camera and microphone, turn on a plug for the coffee maker, interface with all of the stuff from X-10 Home Automation, start the microwave, turn lights on/off in the house, check on the status of a fax, turn on/off the front porch light, view security system breaches (history of which sensors tripped), upload the content of a fax from your fax machine, open and close curtains/blinds, raise/lower thermostat, guide standardized servo equipment like lawnmowers and carts, industrial tools and equipment, beep car horn remotely (find your car), get GPS vector to your car (direction & distance), video games office equipment, ...

Under the directives of Future Combat Systems the JAUS communications standards specifically detail the required data formats required for remote control and/or robotic interfacing. See Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems.

JAUS is NOT a complex software system, it is just a Remote Control standard for message structure.

JAUS compliant equipment includes heavy equipment built by Caterpillar, programmable logic controllers (PLC) built by Allen-Bradley. Even John Deere tractors has an interest in the JAUS interface for its equipment.

See Family of Integrated Rapid Response Equipment

Soldiers commonly use military cell phones for communications. Add encryption and the menu overlay for each piece of military equipment and any soldier can remote that gear. Imagine a mobile stretcher pulling wounded off a field while under fire. Not dreaming, they already have prototypes.

Type the keywords ( jaus equipment robotic ) in any search engine and you can see some of the equipment that already uses the JAUS standard for remote control.

JAUS is mostly used for military and government related systems.

Whether or not a manufacturer chooses to use a data transfer standard is up to the manufacturer. JAUS does not specify the hardware requirements, only how the data package is setup. So if you want to use RF, infrared, sound, wired phone, cell phone, or any other form of telecommunication, you can. Yes, almost any control that you can think of can be setup to use the JAUS standards.

"The JAUS Working Group (made up of members from the U.S. government, industry and academia) defines methods for message passing and standards for component behaviors in order to be independent of technology, computer hardware, operator use, vehicle platform, and mission. SSC San Diego is an active member of the Working Group and has developed a JAUS interface for INL’s Robotic Control Architecture so that any JAUS-compliant Operator Control Unit (OCU) can control any robot using the INL on-board architecture." See Transitioning Unmanned Ground Vehicle Research Technologies

This provides anyone with a cell phone, secure access to thousands of future remotely controlled devices.

Google Android

Google Android is an open architecture to be used on all Google compliant cell phones. Adding a JAUS configured Universal Remote Control to cell phones provides a free service for everyone to simplify their lives.

http://groups.google.com/group/android- ... /9b11ed0...

Other JAUS Resources

Open JAUS (active forum to promote JAUS as an open source)

Promoting Positive World Changes

Table of Contents

Method to Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption
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Postby jim-locksmith » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:41 am

THANKS for sharing such a wonderful information. I Would certainly use ONE secure universal remote control to get rid of other ways
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